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  1. This Woman Knew What to Do When a Horse Fell on Her

    Take a good look at what she immediately does when this horse falls on her. Very quick thinking on her part!
  2. Help Find the Lost Budweiser Puppy and Win Super Bowl Tickets

    Mount up and start looking! ;)
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    You Don't Argue With a Bud Clyde

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    Horse Entertained by "Dancing" Goat

  5. Teaser Clips for the 2015 Bud Clydes Super Bowl Commercial

    And a puppy will be in it again. :)
  6. Dujardin is Running Rings Around the Other World Cup Competitors

    As shown in this diagram. :yes:
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    To Get Hay You Have to Move Hay

    :eek: I wonder how much that weighs for each one?
  8. :lol:

  9. Holy Cow!! Look at What First Responders Had to Deal With Horse Wise!

    :eek: Great job on their part in this rescue. You can scroll through the pics to see what they did. Note: Nothing graphic in the photos - just a very tricky situation in dealing with what this...
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    This Would Cause You to Look Twice

  11. The 10 Different Types of Horse Owners - 9 Found on CotH Forums

    Uh, yes. ;)
  12. This Is What Happens When Little Girls Get Good at Math

  13. Excuse Me While I Wipe the Drool off my Keyboard

  14. You Can Ride in That Gorgeous Arena in Poland - Here's the Info

    A horseback holiday with a castle and you can take lessons! :encouragement:,page,5
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    Yes. Wine.

    Yes. Wine.
  16. Temporary Stalls - When One Horse Wants to Visit a Friend

    :eek: :lol:
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    As a guy, I learn new things here at least once a...

    As a guy, I learn new things here at least once a week.
  18. They Don't Make Indoor Dressage Arenas Like This Anymore

    Wow! Look at that construction. Indoor arena at Ksiaz Stud, Poland.
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    "Horses Thunder" - Big City Indians

    You may want to add this to your playlist for trips to the barn.
  20. Others, including me, are seeing it the correct...

    Others, including me, are seeing it the correct video.
  21. In response to the last two posts above, the...

    In response to the last two posts above, the video link is still working correctly. Recheck what you are doing.
  22. Exercises You Can Do With a LOT of Ground Poles

    Wow!! What a great set of exercises for riders and horses in a group setting! Love the scattered poles exercise.
  23. New Budweiser Clydesdale Commercial - Get a Safe Ride Home With the Clydes!

  24. Video: Run-Down Horse Stable Converted Into a Beautiful Home

    Wow! Very nicely done. And they retained some of the stabling too for her horses.
  25. Tessa the Donkey Gets a 50th Birthday Cake!

    Looking good Tessa! :encouragement:
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