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    clipping and straight lines

    Saw some really nice clip jobs this past weekend. How do you mark the pattern on the horse and how do you get it even and straight?
    Whenever I clip I always end up doing a full body even if my...
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    Info on RiverGlen as a first training

    Any input? Horse will jump anything, rider maybe a bit timid! Looking for a somewhat easier first training. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey Auburn, can you send me a contact number for...

    Hey Auburn, can you send me a contact number for Juan. I too, used Dr. Bras and ouch!
    I did call the farrier right away and had him out. He is telling me that the soles are thin and he does not want...
  4. farrier vent....I know, I know, not another one....

    I'm just so frustrated, but don't want to go off the deep end. I'm trying to keep it all in perspective in that perhaps it is not really the farrier's fault my horse is lame.
    I live in farrier hell....
  5. Just my 2 take a few animals to sell...

    Just my 2 take a few animals to sell like rabbits and chicks that I breed, from the op...I really do not understand people who rescue and breed at the same time...why bring more into the...
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    thanks everyone! Vet felt she was muscle sore all over:( Giving her dexametha something injection for five days. She seems happier already.
    Maybe a stupid question but, in general how much/long do...
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    sore after too much lateral?

    I usually avoid dressage, but since my last test did not go real falling in on the right, not bending well... I decided to have a lesson with a dressage trainer. She worked us alot on...
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    farrier needed so. central ky

    Help needed finding someone who knows how to shoe correctly. Slim pickings where I am. Dealing with lamed horse and don't want the new horse to end up the same! Any recommendations? Thanks.
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    another thought

    Hello, hope your cat is doing better. I have one cat which had the same symptoms. He was also always hungry but was losing weight. Two different vet hospitals both wanted to label it as pancreatitis...
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    Poll: Wow Martimu! Your video brought tears to my eyes...

    Wow Martimu! Your video brought tears to my eyes and sums up my experience at WEG!
    I was a spectator 2 days and even my non horsey husband came up with me one day and was amazed.
    We would definetly...
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    Went to xc on Saturday thanks to some friends from back east and had just a wonderful day.

    Went back on Wed. just to do the grounds pass thing and again, wonderful!

    Kudos to KY and to all those...
  12. The best!

    Brian Shultz! 717-887-2139
  13. The blizzard took down the indoor plus damaged...

    The blizzard took down the indoor plus damaged other barns and the owners were not going to repair, hence the need for a new facility!
    WeaveADream became available due to the total poor management...
  14. Check 'em out! took possession of the old WeaveADream in June 2010! Check 'em out. Seems to be a way better organization than the legacy group. Eileen is way more on the ball and hopes to get the...
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    802 carroll county

    Check out They are scheduling some xc schooling and possibly some shows. New owners(as of June 2010) of the old WeaveADream Farm.
    They seem to be moving fast getting the facility, xc...
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    6 yr old TB gelding, So. central KY

    Forever home only...not for resale. Sam is 16.2 handsome solid bay. He has had some trail riding training, but is still very green! His only problem is that he belongs to someone (me) who is too lazy...
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    Welcome to the neighborhood (area 2)

    Remember WeaveADream Farm? Well it has been sold again!
    Please send along your well wishes to

    It will be nice to see this great facility back in eventing action!

    From all...
  18. Thread: I HAVE HAY!!

    by p3ac30ut

    Sticky: Hay available in So. Central Ky

    small square bales of mixed grass hay

    and small sq. bales of timothy/festolium/orchard grass mix

    round bales also available

    we are approximately 1 hr 45 mins. south of Lexington/Louisville...
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