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    A hound whip is your friend

    Get one. Practice, riff him across the nose then across the ass as he turns to leave. Added bonus is you can use it from horseback. We have a neighborhood pitt-mix, seems harmless but was eyeballing...
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    Yes, we landscaped. Extensively. Beautiful. ...

    Yes, we landscaped. Extensively. Beautiful. Pain in the A** to maintain. We are currently mowing over and ripping stuff out as it's just to hard to keep up with the weeding. Looks great but add...
  3. Yep, this. over and over and over and.....

    Yep, this.

    over and over and over and.....
  4. Quiet grace you have Tamara

    And incredible strength. I cannot begin to imagine and it scares me if I wonder "what if?" Could I even begin to cope as you have? Would I be there as you have for children and employees, or would...
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    I'm as independent as you can be

    But you married a guy, for better or worse, that you knew had a different thought process. Had children by him. Played the Happy Homemaker for decades, by your admission, with nary a peep. And now,...
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    I've had the same with barn workers

    Really. Hired a gal recommended by a friend of my husband's, she'd worked in a local TB barn, turning out, stalls, walking hots, and needed some extra cash. So I hired her at a really good wage. ...
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    They are great trucks

    I recently sold a 99' model, had over 325K miles on it and except for the wheel bearings and routine maint, it was perfect mechanically. Best engine ever. It's why they don't make them anymore.
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    Oh, and also

    I'm out of hairspray.
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    I talked to three customers trying to get automobile financing today

    When asked about their income they replied:

    "I get a check"

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    Well, it depends on what your budget is

    But it sounds like you'd be looking for jobs as well as property. I'm not sure what you think is reasonable, but we currently have a farm for sale. 45 minutes driveway to driveway to pull into the...
  11. You can't fix it, you can just add zippers

    When I had my Dehner's made, I had to have the ankle in my right boot made significantly bigger as I can't do the ballerina point with that foot any longer. And they're field boots. Bad break in...
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    Teach it to drive

    much more market there. Really.

    If a Haffie isn't absolutely child user friendly, you might as well give up. There are too many biddable nice ones that are angels and beginner friendly around....
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    Our barn has the kind of lights they use in gas station bays

    or overhead in Home Depot, Walmart, etc. Big, take a couple of minutes to warm up then "Wow" no shadows and light enough to do surgery. DH decided that's what we were going to have, and man am I...
  14. Well, doesn't sound like he's a new beau

    Sounds like he's an old one. He already knows how you feel about kids and is willing to bring you around his anyway. They're old enough to be fun and feed themselves. They're girls. Win win for...
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    You need a new cast put on

    because it is Not Going to Dry and all sorts of yucky things can happen.... really.

    So be a good girl, call the ortho doc, tell him you were a Very Bad Girl, get your cast replaced and don't try...
  16. What's her name?

    When we first moved on to the farm, we ended up very quickly with a preggers Momma cat we named Smokey. She had 3 gray and 3 black kitties. Rehomed the gray ones, kept all three black ones, Ace,...
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    "Free horses" It's come to this..

    Received a forwarded email from a friend. Apparently a lending institution has a borrower that can no longer care for 4 young horses that cannot be registered due to non payment of stallion fees. ...
  18. Just get a nice sign

    and keep everything mowed and painted. Trust me, you need nothing that will, in several or a couple of years, add more work. My husband made our landscaping around the indoor arena and barn look...
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    The Good Mare

    would probably be thrilled with live cover, she is quite the little flirt. Actually more of a hussy.

    As an aside, she is not registered anything though I do know her breeding. I'd be breeding...
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    Mare is 20

    A young 20, still fit and competes like a champ, though as a consideration to her age, at a lower level and with careful maintenance and conditioning. She looks 10 and acts 5. I believe her...
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    Older mare. How old is too old to breed?

    While I realize even a young mare can have complications, how much does risk increase as a mare ages and at what point, even if the mare still comes into heat, is it a waste of time to try?

  22. I tell my DH "Happy Anniversary"

    And each year he gets a rose for each year he's been sober. This year, he's going to get an even dozen.

    It does get easier as you go along, but I never, ever forget what day it falls on. In AA...
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    I'm not sure how old you are...

    But you know way too much about what should be between your parents and their attorneys. It's difficult to hear children, even older ones, go on about the financial and other inconvenience "they"...
  24. Horse I bought from him came with recent PPE and Xrays

    And was sound and serviceable. Was also a big bastard on the ground after the 1st 30 days. I should have drawn blood when he got off the truck and was so calm he didn't have a pulse. Flat affect. ...
  25. Unless her job is to be a vaulting horse

    there is no reason to have an "image of yourself" being able to properly lunge a horse. I suppose if someone was all alone, and was working with a young horse without the benefit of a round pen, and...
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