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  1. Looks Like Eventing Attire is Going in a New Direction!

  2. Based on the topic and emotional tone, I'd say...

    Based on the topic and emotional tone, I'd say this thread is going places. ;)
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    Twilight Zone Time

    This could be scarier than the monster sitting on the wing of the passenger plane. ;)
  4. White is the New Black for Horse Barns

    And judging from this, easy to keep clean too. ;)
  5. Thread: Batter Up!

    by Mike Matson

    Batter Up!

    And it's a home run! :D
  6. Actually a lot of people can as shown by the...

    Actually a lot of people can as shown by the proliferation of drones. You really need to keep up with what's going on with drones and other robotics like the SoloShot2 system.
  7. Film Your Ride With a Drone - As Shown by Steffen Peters and Legolas

    Dressage goes high tech and into the 21st Century! Wow!
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    When Lunging a Draft Horse, Hang On!

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    Look Who Is a Trail Bird!

    Nice to see he's getting back to nature! :encouragement:
  10. How to Load a Pony When You Don't Have a Trailer

    We can learn from horse owners in other countries. :wink:
  11. Horse Recognized for His Bravery in WWI

    "Warrior". A book has been written about him (you can see it at the link). Only the third horse to receive this bravery award for animals.
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    Asses and the Irish - Guaranteed Fun

  13. Video: 90 Year Old Mother Still Riding and Doing it Well!

    Wow! Filmed by her daughter who provided her mother's background in the comments section as follows:

    Her father was a very gifted horse trainer in Germany, and she spent her war service in Germany...
  14. Charlotte Dujardin's New Commercial for Konigs Boots

    She looks like she is enjoying the rewards of success. :)
  15. Swedish Mounted Band of the Royal Lifeguards - Hamina Tattoo Performance

    Gorgeous horses, impecable turnout, and a great performance. What's not to like!
  16. If You Are an Advocate of Correct Dressage Training, Watch This Video

    I encourage you to grab your favorite beverage and spend 23 minutes watching this video where GP Portuguese rider Nuno Palma e Santos demonstrates and explains how he works his GP horse. Wonderful!...
  17. The Shagya Arabians of the Hungarian Palace Guard - Back in the Day

  18. A Cavalry Officer on a Bosnian Mountain Pony

    Sometimes cavalry horses were smaller than people normally think of them. This is a very sturdy fellow.
  19. When Jumping Take ALL Your Weight Completely Off the Horse

    Yes, there was a rider from the past who advocated this. Here is a photo of him in action. Let us know how it works for you the next time you show. ;)
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    Now This is an Artistic Jump!

    I'm sure your horse would think so too as he/she admires it along with you. You know, like walking into an art gallery and going OMG! when you see something that catches your eye! ;)
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    I highly recommend my Portuguese trainer Nuno...

    I highly recommend my Portuguese trainer Nuno Santos. PM me if you have any questions. He was one of 26 trainers selected nationwide to demonstrate at Pimlico what an OTTB could do (Nuno did it for...
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    Nice Photo of Female SRS Assistant Rider

    Very elegant!
  23. An Inside Look at a Studio Production of a High Level Freestyle

    Showing how they lay down the sound tracks to match the horse.
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    Folks, a drone is just a giant fly to horses and...

    Folks, a drone is just a giant fly to horses and will be dealt with appropriately. ;)
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    Is Your Horse Droneproof?

    Looks like these are! :yes:
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