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  1. Spanish Language Horse Care Reference for Grooms???

    I have a new barn man that I really like, as he really handles the horses well and seems to have good instincts, but his language barrier with me worries me a bit. Google translate only goes so far!...
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    Collateral Attack?

    Does anyone know of this stallion or the disposition/trainability of his offspring? Thanks!
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    Ride Sharing

    I have a 2+1 Jamco headed south from the Hudson Valley the week of 2/11 with a stop in Charlottesville area overnight and one to Aiken, SC, returning with a stop in Baltimore the week of 2/17, room...
  4. Any Experience with a Virginia Sport Horse young horse hunting?

    Over the years I've looked at the multitude of horses offered by Virginia Sport Horses on their website, and I'm contemplating making a trip down to shop as their prices always seem so reasonable for...
  5. I had a 16 year old maiden Trak/TB mare that was...

    I had a 16 year old maiden Trak/TB mare that was the same, not a "tough" keeper, but took a lot of grain and never looked more than average for weight. After foaling she became the easiest keeper,...
  6. Sticky: Space Avail from Eastern NY to Charlottesville, VA area 8/20-8/23/12

    I have two stalls available on my 2+1 leaving Eastern NY around 8/20/12 going to Charlottesville/Lynchburg area and returning on or about 8/23/12 with one empty stall. Box stall available both ways...
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    If you look on the website for the auctioneer,...

    If you look on the website for the auctioneer, most of these horses don't have any reserves. Does anyone have any experience with these type of auctions and what some of the younger breeding mares...
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    Custom Made Boot Recommendations?

    Who has had experience, good or bad, with the Dover custom made boots by Der Dau, Vogel or any other? Thanks for your input!
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    One factor that no one mentions here is the...

    One factor that no one mentions here is the agricultural property tax exemption for a boarding operation over 10 horses. Here in NY that exemption is worth a lot, so it is really the "profit" for...
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    Custom Made Boot Recommendations?

    I just read a slew of terrible reviews for La Mundial boots, so I guess they are off my list :confused: But I wondered if someone has a recommendation for a really great custom made boot that isn't...
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    Amerigo Vega Saddle for Tall Riders?

    I rode in an Amerigo Vega when I tried out a horse for sale and loved the saddle. I can't remember now how the flap was though on my leg, or if I rode in boots. I have a very long inseam (35") and...
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    Driving Cart Recommendations

    I have just started a young Friesian cross to drive, and she is huge (16.3 at three years old) and our driving terrain is grassy farm roads. What carts would you recommend for most multi-purpose,...
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    TB Sire Recommendations Please

    I have a very correct Friesian Sport Horse filly coming three who is driving and I plan to breed this spring. She is half Friesian, 3/8 Shire and 1/8 TB, but could easily pass for a pure Friesian...
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    Amerigo Vega Saddle Feedback?

    I recently rode in a Vega and loved the balance and comfort. However I have a very long leg (36" inseam) and need a long flap so as not to catch the flap in the top of my boot. Does anyone have any...
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    Dually vs. Two Rear Tires

    I'm looking for a new used truck to pull a two plus one trailer (with dressing room), goose neck. I think it is about 22 feet overall in length, total trailer weight will not exceed 10K fully...
  16. Retirement Farm in New York

    A friend recommended that I chime in to list our farm as well; we only do retirement board and my website is I can be reached at 914-391-2373 or...
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    Schleese Dressage Saddle

    I am looking at used saddles and am intrigued by some Schleese saddles billed as "adjustable". Has anyone used these saddles with horses built in very different ways with success? I understand that...
  18. Wow! Just this morning the vet left after...

    Wow! Just this morning the vet left after examining my 7 yo TB gelding, post Lyme's treatment, with similar symptoms. This guy was suspected to have ulcers when he came off the track two years ago,...
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    I second what RileyT is saying about taking a...

    I second what RileyT is saying about taking a step back. I am also a "horse show Mom" who has given free lessons to friends of my daughters from time to time. It is easy to see potential and desire...
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    Financial Manager/Barn Owner

    As a barn owner, I can't believe a barn owner has time to calculate what each horse eats each month and then bill accordingly! Part of effective board management is monitoring each horses condition...
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