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    Good post Petstorejunkie. I agree bout the foam...

    Good post Petstorejunkie. I agree bout the foam flocking on the french saddles. It is not possible to develop your horse properly and not have their back change. You essentially sticking yourself...
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    Western Dressage

    OH DEAR GOD......this is exactly why I try never to come on this forum. Every time I read a post where people start bashing other people it makes me dislike this sport even more. I love some...
  3. Petrie Boots

    The boots that you are referring to are the economy version of Petrie Boots. I am not sure the model name, but I think it is the Perfekt or Perfect model. It is a boot that is sold and marketed in...
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    Bridle brand

    It is a german brand called AWA
  5. Making sense of scores

    I am a professional trainer first and a horse show participant second. I can tell you that it is very difficult to make sense of your scores sometimes. For a long time I regarded a 60-65% score as...
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    Has anyone had any experience with leasing an FEI horse to make a young rider team? What would be a fair lease price for a Grand Prix horse to be leased to a young rider for a year in order to...
  7. I agree that one should not make fun of someone...

    I agree that one should not make fun of someone for something they can't help or for something they do to themselves. You never know the ture story behind the faces you look into. You only can truly...
  8. Gumbits

    I can tell you that this product is one of the few products that is available that really works. It is a simple product just beeswax and sugar. They are readily accepted by horses and they really...
  9. I have both and don't really feel much of a...

    I have both and don't really feel much of a difference. The smooth leather on the cowhide version is a bit more sticky than regular cowhide saddles and deosn't wear so smooth and shiney creating the...
  10. All of this just makes me want to vomit on my...

    All of this just makes me want to vomit on my carrot stick! I am all for natural horsemanship, and I use a great deal of it when I am working with young horses or "criminals" that come for training...
  11. Custom Saddlery

    The very best place to sell your Custom Saddle is through one or all of the reps for the company. A very good friend of mine is a rep for this company and she says they are very much in demand for...
  12. have gotten a lot of good information... have gotten a lot of good information thus far from your post. Everything you have read has been the truth. However, if you are a male and you really need to keep the boys in check and...
  13. Let's see........before I can use this product it...

    Let's see........before I can use this product it looks like I have to be able to do the following:

    Catch Horse
    Tie Horse
    Harness Horse
    Lead Horse
    Load Horse
    Densensitize Horse to 4 wheeler
  14. Its a journey

    I am a professional trainer and I love my job. I didn't start out that way. I took the traditional advice of my parents and believed that I should go to college and get a good job so you can buy a...
  15. Saddle Position and Girths

    While it is true that anotomical girths are made to help give elbow clearance and to to keep the saddle in the proper position it is not possible to say for sure which girth will work for your horse....
  16. I don't know about the Cherokee trailors but I...

    I don't know about the Cherokee trailors but I would not own a Merhow just for the butt bars. You have to line up the holes on the butt bar for the pins to go thru and the holes don't line up easily...
  17. Have a ET host mare that needs a new home......need help

    I have a TB that was sent to me in foal to a Gypsy Vanner stallion. The ET host mare is open this year and is just sitting on my farm doing nothing and needs a new home. Should I try to place her...
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    Free Horses

    Thanks.......I will do that today.
  19. Legerly Farm

    Send me a private message and I can give you the contact information for Ledgerly Farm. I teach at that facility and can give you the contact information for boarding there.
  20. Back On Track Products

    BOT offers two styles of hock boots. One is completly closes and the other has a hole in the back for the point of the hock and will serve to keep the boot more securely on the horses hock than the...
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    If your horse's joint capsule what traumatized in...

    If your horse's joint capsule what traumatized in the accident it is likely that the fluid will not resolve. It is much like a windpuff that carries fluid but is only cosmetic in nature. Even...
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    Two Free Horses

    I have two clients with horses that need homes. The first is a 6 yr old pinto old WB by Sympatico out of a premium Hanovarian mare. He is sound and sane but has a curved spine and is only suitable...
  23. Barns close to GSU

    Chastain Horse Park in Buckhead is the closest.

    Ledgerly Farm in Lythonia

    Vohgt riding acadamy

    Look on for a map of where all the barns are.
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    Saddle choices

    The Sankey saddles are nice saddles and they are a bit more customizable than the Trilogy models. The Trilogy models are very well made and are a quality product that are well balanced. The Sankey...
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    Relinquish Your Attitude, then maybe you whip!

    OK I just have to say that this poster really gets under my skin with most of the crap she posts on here, and I usually allow others to have their thoughts and go on about my business. However, I...
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