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    Awesome thanks Sarah, my live feed wouldn't work....

    Awesome thanks Sarah, my live feed wouldn't work. Love that boy and hope my filly jumps like him :)
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    Who won?

    Did Quincy go clean? Love him and have a gorgeous filly by him
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    I would have loved to since I am bringing two...

    I would have loved to since I am bringing two horses and have the same dilema but unfortunatly both mine are coming 5 yr olds and doing novice as well. Maybe someone else will answer
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    For some reason my PM box is covered by ads and I...

    For some reason my PM box is covered by ads and I can't push the "send" button. Message me on Facebook (Levremont Farm). If you would like more info on our working student position. (I had a very...
  5. Building a covered ring (steel structure)

    We are in the process of getting different bids/finalising building a large covered ring (to be built in next 3 months). I have recieved quotes from 5 different companies and was wondering if anyone...
  6. Sounds like fun

    I think I will be there with 2 babies doing novice :)
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    wow Wendy I feel bad for you. I am greateful I...

    wow Wendy I feel bad for you. I am greateful I don't try to look into gestures of kindness so deeply as to twist them into something else. I am not religious but I do think that Christmas also brings...
  8. I had a great time on Match

    I went on a lot of interesting dates and met my hubby on there! I have to say I have heard a lot of girls say they never had much luck, I think the major thing is you profile. Read through some of...
  9. Thread: VaHT

    by levremontf

    This will be mine (and my horse) 3rd event since...

    This will be mine (and my horse) 3rd event since we switched to Eventing from jumper world and my first time doing training.
    Really looking forwards to it! and hopefully meeting more people.
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    Thanks Halo but I know very well how to measure a...

    Thanks Halo but I know very well how to measure a horse ;) and would rather any of mine be under 17.3h than over. Plenty of very tall TBs out there, I have known a few at 18h and one who was 18.2h.
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    full draft?

    Not sure why you would think he would be "full" draft because he is 18h...I have met plenty of wb (real ones not draft crosses), half drafts and even a couple of full TBs that are 18h or over (one...
  12. girth

    oh yeah I forgot...they sold me the girth too when mine did the exact same thing. Got rid of the saddle but I do love the girth lol
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    Janet- yes that makes sens...I guess this...

    Janet- yes that makes sens...I guess this difference is that there is an expectation of no drugs (especially for riders who want to be one a team, which my "mentor/trainer" does). I guess the whole...
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    what funny timing

    How funny...I have been a jumper my whole life. I recently (just over a month ago) switched to eventing! I am loving it (middleburg was my first event last week). I am competing at novicelate right...
  15. XTR fit

    I had the exact same issue with the XTR I had custom ordered and fitted to me ISH a few years ago....It got reflocked and reflocked (by the county fitter/rep) and I got sold expensive shims (great...
  16. oh yes ....try 17.2h of Black and White!!!

    My poor 4 yr old Bold Jugdement is black and white Pinto..very hard to keep and get clean. He both bleaches and stains lol
  17. :)

    I will bring her then (well we would be there anyways doing the 1.20m classes but I think this might be a fun change). She is very "Irish" going but a dream to ride and the most fun horse I have had...
  18. irish classes

    ok so this has me interested now too..I have a nice ISH mare (with passport). She moves like a nice Irish horse, not a hunter...but thats ok right? She jumps awesome (knees to eyeballs) and will jump...
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    Equine Express!!

    Can't say enough good about them. Horse shipped from Va to Ca and got there looking and feeling great. Shipped in a nice box stall (ppl had paid for a 1/2) and people were great at communicating.
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    Richmond is not a great place for jumpers alas......

    Richmond is not a great place for jumpers alas... Derek and Sulu are pretty much it as far as jumper barns go (a couple do some jumpers as well as hunters, but not "jumper" barns per se).
  21. Lister Star

    I HATE clipping...HATE it (with 18 horses in work...lots of clipping). I have the A5 and a couple of clipmasters, and as a rule used 1-2 sets of blades per horse. I bought Lister Stars this year and...
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    so sad

    obviously the OP was there correct? and had a close link to the horse (he is in her videos in 2009?)...My guess is OP is upset at whatever happened before the horse went down (because response after...
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    jumper barns in Carlsbad Cali?

    I have a student moving to Carlsbad very shortly (as in immediatly). I am in the process of organising shipping for her horse and said I would get info on barns in the area. Girl is a great student...
  24. feel your pain

    just under a month ago a horse fell down a bank with me while hunting. I knew I had hurt something right away but felt like my left hip (landed hard with horse on right side down a 6ft bank). by 4...
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    shipping from Iowa to Virginia

    Looking at a prospect in Iowa and before I get too far into it I wanted to get an idea on shipping costs/or shipper recomendations from Iowa. (I have shipped plenty but always up/down east cost or to...
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