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  1. Yes, sorry about the picture poaching. It was...

    Yes, sorry about the picture poaching. It was wrong and wrong to claim that was my horse, but that's the type of picture you wanted to see. IMO this was the road these horses were heading down.

  2. Once again, I realize the photos do not do the...

    Once again, I realize the photos do not do the condition of the mare justice. I may have a PhD but I'm sorry to say I'm not a professional photographer, and like some people suggested sometimes a...
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies and your concern....

    Thanks everyone for the replies and your concern.

    Yes, we can all agree that a sunbleached coat from being out in the sun is not very pretty looking but can be corrected with a bit of care.
  4. Update with pics

    Sorry so late getting back with pictures and an update on the situation.
    For those who want to see those before and after pictures -
  5. Thanks for all the advice. I do have pictures of...

    Thanks for all the advice. I do have pictures of both mares before they left for trainers and will definately be getting the vet out to my house ASAP just to see where we stand on blood work, fecal...
  6. Question about removing my horse from BAD situation -Update with photos!

    Six weeks ago my neighbor and I sent our two young mares away for their first thirty days of training with a cowboy who is well known and respected. I've used him previously with good results, horse...
  7. Need shipper recommendations - Poolesville MD

    Hi everyone-
    I am in need of a shipper to trailer my mare, along with my neighbors mare, home from first thirty days training. Ideally we would like to trailer them home Saturday morning (the...
  8. My senior mare does that stretch when she is...

    My senior mare does that stretch when she is having stomach discomfort. She is a hard core cribber, so usually it's just to relieve some gas, but a couple times it has led to colic. Vet says it's...
  9. Sticky: Potentially need ride from Poolesville to Damascus MD July 9

    I *may* need a ride for my mare and friends mare from Poolesville (Whites Ferry Rd area) to Damascus MD on Saturday. They are both leaving their 30 day training and it is unclear at this point if...
  10. info on donating green horse to college training program MD/VA/DE/PA area

    I am looking for information on colleges or schools in the MD/VA/DE/PA/possibly NY area that have training programs for very green horses, as I am interested in possibly donating my very green 3-yr....
  11. Contact info for Silla Argentine Association

    I need to obtain a copy of my mare's registration papers with the Silla Argentine Association for information on her breeding. She was bred by Henry Jota, whom I have tried to contact to obtain info...
  12. 16.2 bay Argentine mare-broodmare/reschool project

    Free to good home as broodmare prospect or reschooling project. Sound and can be ridden but needs strong advanced confident rider to work through several training issues.

    Beautiful, well bred...
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    heel sore three year old - any advice?

    So I absolutely adore my three year old gelding. He is about thirty days under saddle (and the thirty days is spread out over about three months due to my frequent job traveling), and when I ride...
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    Consignment barns- Maryland/VA/PA area?

    Can anyone recommend a good sale barn which may take horse on consignment?

    I have a mare who, while very talented, is just not for me. I had her in training with pro about a year ago and she was...
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    Part time riderless horse - Montgomery County MD

    I am looking for someone to part lease my 8yr. old hunter mare, I just have too many horses and not enough time. At wonderful facility in Damascus Maryland starting June 7th, with indoor, two...
  16. Looking for Nice alfalfa near Frederick maryland

    Anyone know someone who has some nice alfalfa for sale? I need it for my broodmare/foal - I have to buy in small quantities, 20-30 bales at a time

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    Main Mare Book Holsteiner approved TB

    Lacey is a 15.2hh 17yr.old grey registered TB. Shown as a Level 5/6 jumper before suspensory problems forced retirement. She is an excellent mother, easy to handle, and an easy breeder. No health...
  18. Spinoff- Ex hunter rides what was the catalysis for giving up jumping?

    Sort of a spinoff question on Snaffle's earlier post.
    For people who used to jump -
    What was the catalysis for giving it up? I'm sorta on the fence about it right now - have been seriously hurt...
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    Live in Rockville, 3 horses in Urbana.

    Live in Rockville, 3 horses in Urbana.
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    Poll: Always right after evening feeding

    THe three times my mare has foaled it's always been right after evening feeding, usually right around 6pm - it's like she 'thinks' about it all day, rests for a while then decides to foal. Makes it...
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    There is Quinar at Fox fire farm...

    There is Quinar at Fox fire farm ( Available fresh, cooled and possibly frozen.

    And also Quite Easy at Hilltop...
  22. bump

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    I think Bella's would be "Don't ya wish your...

    I think Bella's would be "Don't ya wish your girlfriend was hot like me" (whatever the real title to that is). She's always out to impress the boys.

    Lacey's would be "walking on sunshine" as she...
  24. cleaning out tack room, several items for sale

    I'm in the process of cleaning out my tack room and have several items for sale that either I no longer use or don't fit my three.

    Sports Medicine Boots SMB100 black standard size - $30.00...
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    looks like BAD scratches - try this

    A gelding at my barn had scratches that looked like that when he came in for a rescue. Here is what my vet recommended.

    First, you need to get those scabs off and it will likely be painful. You...
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