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  1. Amen to that

    Amen to that
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    I would second that- brand new facility in...

    I would second that- brand new facility in Wilsonville! Phillipa Fraser and Jim- Side by Side
  3. Hunter/jumper barns

    Try looking at University of Puget Sound- really a fine school- many degree options plus it is close to barns and shows- it is near/in Tacoma Washington- about 30 minutes give or take from Seattle...
  4. Sandpoint- area

    I think Crooks moved from Sandpoint area:); one would have to check it out to make sure- there are not many options for hunter/jumpers in Walla Walla- but the school is great!!!!!:)
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    Kind of what I thought-; saw one advertised and...

    Kind of what I thought-; saw one advertised and was curious- thanks for the info- have been following this for a spell!!!I shall leave it at that!!!!
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    Rewine as a hunter stallion

    Anyone have any thoughts on Redwine as a hunter sire? Temperament? Jumps etc? Thanks!
  7. Portland area

    Take a look at Side by Side- brand new facility on Wilsonville Road 2 miles from show park- I am sure you can drop by- there is a sign on the property!
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    Fun and Fancy Free-

    Has anyone bred to Fun and Fancy Free? I had a mare that was related both top and bottom. I have a mare that I might eventually breed- she is very fancy-, has a good jump but can be a bit bright- I...
  9. Actually the shows in Wilsonville are very good; ...

    Actually the shows in Wilsonville are very good; good footing, decent judging- and close to the h/j barns in the area- there are many competitive hunter/jumpers in the area and can hold their own at...
  10. Hunter/jumper in Portland

    There are many options; Side by Side is opening a new facility in Wilsonville- down the road from Wild Turkey and Whip and Spur- there are also others in the area- look up Flying Changes magazine...
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    barns in Salem Oregon

    Just up the freeway about 25 miles you will find many h/j barns-Wilsonville area has several including the new facility Side by Side-- there are others as well depending on what you are looking for...
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    Martha G.

    She rode for a while in Oregon at Narnia Farms with Marla Eden- she had a horse when she came- an older bay gelding- she bought another horse but she was too much for her and she is/was for sale- she...
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    hunters in Portland

    Kelly Smith just moved from Lake Oswego to the North Plains are; and there is some western but really hunter jumper barns are in great supply- :)
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    barns in the Portland area

    I would second Side by Side- they are building a new facility on Wilsonville Road- there are many hunter jumper barns- in the Portland area; Wilsonville is a very nice area both for living and for...
  15. barns in Portland etc-

    Rich Fellers barn is Whip and Spur- not Whip Stick- one should visit, watch a show etc before making any decisions-check Flying Changes magazine- there you will find most if not all banrs in the...
  16. Phillipa Fraser- part of Side by Side is located...

    Phillipa Fraser- part of Side by Side is located in Wilsonville- a short drive from Lake Oswego-good solid program- has many adults- PM me if you want other info about programs in the area- there are...
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    Chronicle etc

    Frankly I like the cover and the new look; out on the west coast we do not have the "hunting" tradition as much- In Oregon hardly at all- so I embrace the changes- I am amazed that the magazine...
  18. quiessence etc

    Thanks all for the information; my horse does well on Quiessence so I think I shall continue the plan- I was curious as to the difference but I hate to change something that is working!!!!:)
  19. difference between magnisium and quiessence

    Does anyone know the difference/results of 5000 magnisum and quiessence? I put my mare on Quiessence for her cresty neck, back soreness etc- - but wonder if the magnisum would have the same effect?...
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    There are two shows in Bend; very nice shows-...

    There are two shows in Bend; very nice shows- Yuppy? In Oregon? Really???? Many barns from California, Canada, Washington attend- well organized, good judges- good competition- different...
  21. Rich is a great rider/horseman- and also...

    Rich is a great rider/horseman- and also Wilsonville Oregon is not really out of the mainstream- Wild Turkey Farm is up the road from Rich as well as a couple of top hunter/jumper barns- it is also...
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    laser treatment

    Has anyone here tried laser treatment on a horse? If so, any specific problems, issues?
  23. Thread: CWD saddle

    by Rainrider

    CWD saddle

    Anyone have a CWD saddle- Like? Dislike? I have a Spooner Antares that I like but sometimes my leg swings too far back-:eek: it is probably me- people at our barn tend towards the CWD
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    I have stick legs- and I mean sticks- the Monacos...

    I have stick legs- and I mean sticks- the Monacos are great- I use them only for show- I have Ariat field boots and that are bit big in the calf but they are fine for everyday with a heavy sock- I...
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    Jeff is great with green horses- he is one of the...

    Jeff is great with green horses- he is one of the best persons to help you- I took my very green horse in one and I had not jumped for a long time- it was good- great!!!
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