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  1. re: Pine Creek

    Hello MKEvent, I sent you a PM re: Pine Creek. My mares have been very happy there for several years.
  2. feed more, small, meals

    My mares are at the other end of the spectrum, but in barns where I have boarded the hard keepers did best with extra feedings. A couple of different horses I knew just wouldn't finish enough in...
  3. get more evaluation first

    I would suggest a chiropractic evaluation and likely treatment session as well as your massage work. AT fifteen, doing a different kind of work, your horse may need some work on back & neck to bring...
  4. neighbors and town regs

    I second LexinVA in that you need a lot of research on the town, what else is there, the zoning ,and the specific site. I have 4 versions of zoning codes from different towns and these are all towns...
  5. plant bushes

    I had a problem with trucks running up on my bank to make a turn into the opposite driveway - I put in rugosa roses and it stopped. I do trim them yearly to keep the line of sight open for the...
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    He's fine and he's mine

    I agree with the folks who suggest no longer replying to her. Even though I enjoy hearing about horses in new careers, etc. it is at the new owners' discretion if they want to share.

    Had a...
  7. yes, you can

    Hello Ecstatic Lady, I think that you can 'do' dressage on your horse as you have already identified your issue of your concern to 'ask' her to do something.

    I like Alto's suggestion to have...
  8. you have a pm

    Hello bluecharm, I sent you a pm.
  9. nice test for Caitlin

    great to see Catch a Star do so well. Go Caitlin
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    take a 'snapshot' of your horses now, before move, and after

    If I was moving horses to a different climate I would have a full blood panel drawn for each of them before the move in June and then periodically (quarterly?) during the first year they are there. ...
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    I agree with Weatherford, and this would cover...

    I agree with Weatherford, and this would cover the situations described of Lyme's, allergies, etc.

    However, the USEF needs more enforcement tools and spines to use them. As in, mandatory...
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    generally, yes, I understand the comments

    I think the judges and scribes do a good job and try to be descriptive within the time constraints.

    Sometimes the scores are different than expected, e.g. two rides, one felt better, trainer...
  13. Thanks for asking, here is my list

    As an AA in an area with many dressage shows/learning opportunities here is what I would like:

    A regional championship each year (GAIG or BLM) in NJ/PA or Morven Park. (this is region 1)

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    why doesn't the rider have her own horse?

    greenapples, I am sorry your trainer is persisting after you said 'no'.

    The question I would ask is why doesn't this beginner rider buy or lease her own horse? She will progress more quickly...
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    ok in PA, ready to go postal in NJ

    Here in chester county (pa) I am ok. Horses, cats ok, some limbs down but otherwise thankful to be spared. Power was out for 2 days.

    My sister in NJ with the farm is ready to go postal with no...
  16. may have been said before

    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

    Go Preacher. Shame on the others.
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    What I liked about CHS blogs was the discussion of the future, what to do, how to get there, with some specific examples.

    I missed that with the AG article. And that is more my issue with AG, ...
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    $5 for the book of tests

    you can order the 'national' test book (intro - fourth level) and it's about $5, then you have it for the 4 years until they change the tests. Not only can you review the tests yourself, you can...
  19. Thread: Sweet Itch?

    by Alpha Mare

    a few ideas

    A friend had success with double dose of MSM for her mare

    For mine, I used Camrosa ointment or SWAT on the midline as a barrier against the midges and they will help heal the area if it's already...
  20. family party

    My sisters and I each had an especially nice dinner party for each other with specially nice gifts. Sounds tame compared to your ideas - I like the sound of the kayaking.

    For me, I bought my...
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    busy day

    what a busy day on this thread.

    DMK: I am agreeing with you and suggesting as an improvement to the current situation that when the parties are done with their negotiation of 'contracted rates'...
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    assorted health care info

    At one time in the past I worked in the insurance industry (Clinton Administration) and did some research for my own understanding and was given quite a bit of industry info for the job.

    I am in...
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    My condolences on your loss and to the rest of your family. Take the time to reach out to them and be with them as you can - it will be much appreciated later both by them and help you with better...
  24. rehab can be more $ than new

    OP: I am agreeing with others that the value is of the land, plus maybe having utilities and septic. Having redone an old stone farmhouse I can say that the cost to 'do over' is more per square...
  25. therapeutic benefits

    As well as other pointst made about this article, I do not think the therapeutic benefits were 'unexpected'.

    Many riders start or continue with dressage for physical benefits that are the more...
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