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  1. Best transport to ship my dog from VA to CA

    I need to transport my dog from VA to CA. I need suggestions for the best airline to ship her. Someone told me that there is a airline dedicated to pet transport but I have not been able to find...
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    Nelson and Tucker

    We used this company to draw up all documents to cover our riding program. The customer service was outstanding and I would highly recommend them.
  3. Thread: The Royal!

    by todshow

    How are the courses?

    Hearing The National courses are really hard this year at least for the Jr's. How is the judgeing?
  4. Music is so loud on my feed !!!

    Anyone know how to ask them to turn the volume down on the music? I can not hear the announcer. Very annoying.
  5. Lost feed- How did the last horse Piper do?

    Waited all morning to see Piper and Chris Wynne go. Feed went down when they entered the ring. Did anyone see the trip?
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    Rollin' J Transport

    I just had them ship a pony for me from N.J to VA. They called me with updates all along the route and the pony arrived happy/healthy.

    I will call them for all my future...
  7. Update please on Petuna May

    Lost the live feed. Please let me know how Petunia Mae does. She is 12th to go.
  8. Did site go down?

    Lost the live feed. Anyone able to watch?
  9. Sticky: Pony mare from N.J. to VA

    She is in Jackson N.J. 08527. Needs to come to Virginia Beach, VA 23456 or I can meet you along your route.
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    I would like to contact her too

    If anyone reaches the photographer please let me know. I sent email to above address but have not heard back yet.
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    How to dose Adequan

    How much adequan (Equine) would I give my 65 lb. Golden?
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    Have you found a mare yet?

    I spoke with the lady that has the mare and she would like to talk with you if you are still looking.
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    Simbalu mare

    I have a friend that has a wonderful Simbalu mare. She has a young pony mare from her that moves and jumps just like her Mom and Grandaddy. If I still had a kid to ride a Large Green pony she would...
  14. Sticky: Need empty 3 horse gooseneck taken from Va. Beach VA to Greenville SC

    I need to have my 3 horse gooseneck delivered to Greenville SC. The trailer is going to be brokered so it must be delivered clean and ready to show to customers.
    I can meet you off of I-95 for pick...
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    What should I do to my ad to not look like a scam?

    I have my Hawk 3 horse slant listed on Virginia Equestrain, and a few other places. What can I do to resure potential buyers that my trailer is the real deal and not a scam? What wording,...
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    Anyone able to watch online?

    Still not able to get it to work. I was watching as one horse started then only one end of ring with 2 jumps. Are they not showing the whole course?
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    What to do around Palm Beach

    Friends are in Palm Beach this week and are looking for things to do. Any suggestions?
  18. two mini donkeys from Aiken SC to Virginia Beach VA

    Please let me know if you can bring two female mini donks to Virginia. I can try to meet you off I 95.

    They have current coggins and health certificates.
  19. Sticky: two mini donkeys from Aiken SC to Virginia ASAP

    I have two female mini donks that need to come from Aiken SC to Virginia Beach VA. I can meet you off I 95.

    Both have current coggins and health certificates.
  20. Two mini donkeys from Aiken SC to Virginia ASAP

    Two female mini donks need a ride ASAP as close to Va. Beach as you can get them. I can meet you off 95 if needed.

    They have current coggins and health certificates issued 11-8-09.
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    The Bridled Horse

    I placed a order on 9-12. Items never arrived so I called 1-877-SNAFFLE. The we are closed message says they will reopen Sept. 1. Tried to leave message but mail box is full.
    Tried to e-mail several...
  22. Toilet plunger

    I use a tall toilet plunger with red tape around the top. I place the plunger in front of the ball. Stripe of red tape on the trailer lines up with the tip of the plunger. I use my review mirrow to...
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    Need a place to stay for the clinic

    My daughter and I plan to atternd the clinic but need help finding a place to stay. The B & B's look super nice but we only need a shower and bed.

    Any suggestions would be great.
  24. Ron and Danny rescue

    Please consider adopting a dog from Ron and Danny

    They have over 80 dogs at their place right now that need forever homes. I went with a friend of mine Sue to pick up...
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    is there a posted order of go?

    Any way to get a order of go online? I can not watch all trips but would love to see some friends trips in the Lg. Jrs.

    How do I switch the feeds from Main Ring to Ring 2?
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