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    The first fitter did more of an eval of my...

    The first fitter did more of an eval of my current saddles, and we didn't really talk much about what to look for. I had a Toulouse hunt saddle and a Wintec Isabell at the time, and wasn't sure what...
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    Saddle fitter's advice - WWYD?

    Just curious about what anyone thinks of the advice that I recently got from a highly recommended saddle fitter:

    I have a typical, foundation-like QH mare - big butt, sort of downhill-built, very...
  3. Farrier review in Fredericksburg, VA...

    Anybody have experience with farrier Clarence Crumpton? Just wanting to know if he does good work... PM me.

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    also searching...

    I'm trying to search for the same thing, for my daughter, and not having a lot of luck searching the forum. Can anyone respond with some very good, reputable h/j trainers in north-central VA that...
  5. Eventing for teen in Fredericksburg, VA?

    Sorry to hijack, but I am looking for the same thing for my teen daughter - we're in Frederickburg, VA. She has been riding hunters for 8-9 yrs but needs a place with more challenges and...
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    Going to look at this one...

    I like the chestnut guy above, he looks nice. :yes: However, I'm going this week to look at this cute, round mare from the trainer listings too:
  7. Adjust tree

    Just wanted to add that I have a Black Country, and we had asked a couple saddle fitters about the possibility of fitting it to a different horse at one point. We were told by all of them that the...
  8. Great advice - thanks!

    Thanks for the great responses so far! Sorry for sparking a TB debate, too. :sadsmile: Guess that was on my mind because we just "re-homed" (gave away) a TB mare we had bought for my teenager,...
  9. When looking for a low-level dressage horse...

    Would love to hear comments from those with experience in the sport, and with selecting horses in general. I am an adult re-rider, have always ridden huntseat just due to what was around in the...
  10. I would also recommend Arabian Saddle Company,...

    I would also recommend Arabian Saddle Company, for obvious reasons, although the cost may be higher.
  11. Black Country

    We ordered a custom Black Country for our little Paint mare last year, due to her having some back pain issues. I don't think it cost anything extra to submit tracings through the saddle fitter to...
  12. Eventing instruction in the Fredericksburg area

    Nicky Vogel is very well known here for dressage/eventing lessons - she will travel to you and give private instruction. Her contact info is:

    Phone: (540) 775-0943
    Cell: (540) 379-7442
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    UPDATE - Raven found a home - Thanks so much!!!

    Raven found a wonderful home an hour away from us, thanks so much to all who responded and especially to her new caregiver - I think the two of you will make a great team, and I trust she will be...
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    That's very interesting, we just had a...

    That's very interesting, we just had a vet/chiropractor out, and that was what she recommended - to wedge up her hind feet for a couple shoeing cycles, and change the way her shoes were being put on...
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    Video links...

    Forgot about the YouTube links... Please expect to be asked for references if you are interested in her. Thanks!
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    Link to photos

    I can't post attachments here, but I have a link to Photobucket with pictures of her here:

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    Here's my youngster

    He's a 2005 Egyptian/Crabbet mix - such a sweetheart!

    (I'm not allowed to post attachments - here is a link)
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    2002 grey TB mare in VA - please read

    We have a 6 y.o. (2002) beautiful grey TB mare, 15.2 hh, never raced (not ever trained for the track), in Fredericksburg, VA. She was professionally trained under saddle a couple years ago, and was...
  19. running out of options

    Considering donating to a decent university program...

    If anyone is interested in working with this mare, that is all she needs. We are no longer in a position to maintain & board three horses...
  20. Trainer

    post removed....
  21. more

    Just wanted to make a couple things clear based on some questions I've gotten...

    1. I would not ship her far outside our local area, would prefer a location within 2 hours of us (zip 22407). Her...
  22. why..

    Raven was bought to be my daughter's next show horse, and we immediately put her into full-time training when we got her. However, we are having some $$ issues due to the real estate market and had...
  23. Bump

    Still available...
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    You must be my twin in another dimension... I have a 14 year old daughter and basically restarted my riding over from scratch as I found out I knew far less than I thought about riding after not...
  25. Young TB mare for Free Lease - Fredericksburg, VA

    We have a 6 y.o. (2002) beautiful grey TB mare, 15.2 hh, never raced (not ever trained for the track), for lease in Fredericksburg, VA. She was professionally trained under saddle for 90 days a...
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