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  1. I don't bark.

    I don't bark.
  2. I think the hope of getting a job (frequently a...

    I think the hope of getting a job (frequently a service job) is what draws many illegals to the US. But, if what if there were fewer service jobs to be had? Would that reduce the desire to enter...
  3. Very happy with Behr Premium All-In-One

    This is what I use:

    BEHR PREMIUMĀ® Semi-Transparent Weatherproofing All-In-One Wood Stain & Sealer
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    Ultrashield Green

    Honestly, use of fly predators and a fly trap is the most effective method I've found. But for those times when we are out and about, Ultrashield Green is working well for my horses. My senior...
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    As an alternative to BOSS, maybe try Manna Pro

    Another former BOSS user here. I loved the results, but upon additional study realized the Omega3 and Omega6 ratio was off. Also, the cost almost tripled in my area to $28-32/bag.

    I've switched...
  6. re-read and carefully consider what Lizrd said

    Lizrd has given you some valuable information.

    Hey, as a parent, I totally understand your argument and I'm very sympathetic to your situation. But your argument is emotionally based, not...
  7. Rome, Braeburn, and Stayman are all good choices....

    Rome, Braeburn, and Stayman are all good choices.

    A Granny Smith is good occasionally.

    Tried a Ginger Gold last year for the first time. Darn good little apple, but does not store well so...
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    I admit that I've not always been super diligent...

    I admit that I've not always been super diligent about sun protection. :no:

    Thankfully my tan epiphany arrived many years ago when I used my powers of observation and realized that tans ALWAYS...
  9. Very well done Gorgonzola! You were direct,...

    Very well done Gorgonzola!

    You were direct, firm, and left no room for (mis)interpetation.
  10. As the parent of a child who has been bullied...

    As the parent of a child who has been bullied twice (once physically, once relationally), I can speak from personal experience.

    Despite what is claimed, the reality I've experienced is that most...
  11. Wireweiners, My heart breaks for you and your...

    My heart breaks for you and your daughter. I'm sorry you have found yourselves in this situation. I say YOURSELVES because she is hurting as much as you are hurting, admittantly in a...
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    I'm tired of...

    1) Football.
    2) My daughter's laziness and refusal to live up to her potential.
    3) The holiday period being used as an excuse for EVERYTHING that is behind schedule...even when the problem started...
  13. St. Croix

    You really should consider St. Croix.

    There are activities (snorkeling, horses, Jeep tours, botanical gardens, paddle boarding, historical sites, Cruzan rum factory tour, Buck Island nearby,...
  14. I just have to respond to this post because it...

    I just have to respond to this post because it hits close to home!

    I have two female sugar bears (Annabelle Brooke and Charlotte Olivia), a great uncle (Avery) and my name is Rosalie.

    I don't...
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    Mud Run...anyone done one?

    I'm planning on participating in my first ever mud run in late March and would like to hear from others who have done one before.

    I've already decided that given my present physical condition that...
  16. You are refusing to accept the harsh reality of the situation

    According to you, he is an addict, who has had multiple incidents of money being "stolen" from him, and he "can't get out of it" when dealing with his "business partner(s)".

    You need to take the...
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    Daily vehicles are 2004 F150 and 2009 GMC Acadia....

    Daily vehicles are 2004 F150 and 2009 GMC Acadia. Seriously considering picking up a used 2011 or 2012 Ford Fiesta in order to save miles/gas on current vehicles.

    Dream car is 64.5 or 65 Mustang.
  18. that is the pits!

    Like others have said already, synthetic fibers can get gross if you are not specifically treating the fabric. Try a borax paste or Zout applied to the area prior to each washing.

    Also, have you...
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    mmmmmm.....lemons are awesome!

    Here are a couple of savory recipes. (Not the actual receipes that I make, but a good starting point that was easy for me to copy/paste).:lol:
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    makes you wonder...WHAT would you do?

    Ughhhh..lost my earlier response. In short, a neat show that can really make you think.
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    yogurt lover here...

    My favorites are: Dannon coffee, Chobani pineapple, Yoplait custard-style banana, and The Greek Gods honey or honey/strawberry.

    All but the Chobani pineapple are hard for me to find on a...
  22. Oh my gosh, YES! I most certainly agree that a...

    Oh my gosh, YES! I most certainly agree that a fair amount of the violent video game access for teens is very much under the control of parents. (Of course, there may be times when the child comes...
  23. just a thought

    I personally think that there is a whole myrid of reasons for the increased prevalency, or at least the increased perception of prevalency.

    The one potential cause that keeps coming to my mind...
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    This is worth repeating

    This has to be one of the most balanced and sensible posts I have EVER seen on CoTH. :yes:
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    What a timely thread

    I registered with Be The Match (BTM)a little less than a year ago and was contacted in mid-December because I have been identifed as a potential match. :) That does not mean that I will be THE...
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