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  1. How is your horse doing now?

    I read about your horse with interest as I have had 5 horses/ponies get PF and so far 60% have gotten high fevers which my Vet said suggests internal abscesses and they have all been put on...
  2. Thanks for your suggestions - I like them a lot. ...

    Thanks for your suggestions - I like them a lot. One instructor wants to just go home and still get paid but working with a school horse is a terrific idea.
  3. Help with how to deal with an instructor and student no shows

    I'd like to hear what other barns do about student who don't show up with no notice. We have had a policy that if they don't give 24 hours notice they forfeit the prepaid lesson fees and cannot have...
  4. Does this same source have other parts as well or...

    Does this same source have other parts as well or only floors?
  5. Micro chips compliant with FEI 11784 and 11785??? which brands?

    Our registry told us to get micro chips that meet the new FEI requirements that went into effect Jan. 1, 2013. They must be compatible with ISO 11784 and 11785. Our Vet has had trouble finding a...
  6. Lots of B12 and SI injections has helped my chronic back pain

    Sorry to hear so many fellow sufferers out there!!!! Chronic pain does suck the life out of you! I am on pain meds, can't take NSAIDS due to ulcers which put me in the hospital with severe anemia. ...
  7. Successful partial lease terms for students????

    I would love to hear from other barn owners about the terms you use for leasing horses to students? I want them to assume some of the risk as this is a step towards owning. How do you set the...
  8. Help!!!Horse pulls hose off of his rubbermaid pasture water trough! Every night!!!

    My five year old gelding is out overnight in a pasture and he has decided it is fun to bite the hose connecting the water source to his water trough and pulls it apart every night. this causes huge...
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    HI Wondering if you are still an AFLAC agent? ...

    Wondering if you are still an AFLAC agent? If so I'm confused about the classification for riding instructors/trainers. Are they in the most hazardou category? Thus AFLAC does not offer...
  10. Do you carry trainer on your barn liability policy?

    I run a lesson barn in California. I am wondering what experience you have had with adding trainers as an additional insured on your barn liability policy versus requiring them to have them own...
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    We put in a sand mixed with rubber shavings many...

    We put in a sand mixed with rubber shavings many years ago and always loved it. I really want to add more rubber but our local supply dried up when the county forced the old tire processer out. ...
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    School horse use vs abuse

    I would like to know how many lessons people have found a school horse can do in a day without having a negative impact on the health, physical and mental! We are a dressage-oriented facility and I...
  13. Is a 1 ton dually needed for 4 horse trail-et

    I have a 2007 Trail-et 4 horse straightload trailer. It is very nice but very long! Big trailer. Question: I had a 3500 dually. Do I need a dually with this big trailer? And a 1 Ton?
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    Featherlite parts hard to get???

    I was told second-hand that a nearby Featherlite dealer told a client that he was having difficulty getting parts. Has anyone experienced this firsthand? Want to know before I consider buying one....
  15. Insurance "recovery" firms going after farm insurance!

    I'm wondering if any of you other barn owners have experienced this. One of my boarders slipped on a step last December and twisted/sprained her ankle. Not sure which, she did not make a big deal of...
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    Anyone refinance the farm lately????

    We want to refinance our 12 acre ranch and are finding it next to impossible! The banks all have new rules which exclude any property with farm income!! We don't make much profit on the ranch in...
  17. How about optimum nutrition?

    How about considering optimum nutrition for the performance horse/broodmare/growing foals? There are certainly different opinions there and millions of horse owners could really benefit from a...
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    Sweet mare got sour after pregnancy????

    I bought a Connemara mare who was lovely to ride with good gaits and good size, to use as a school horse. Then we discovered she was pregnant. After having her foal, her personality totally...
  19. I LOVE the WTF Registry!!!!!! Hooray for you!

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    B12, D, D-Ribose and L-Tryptophan!!!

    Sorry to hear your story but I do know how you feel. For the energy, D-Ribose was my salvation. It is a sugar that really helps with energy and it is actually good for your heart muscles...
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    Used Drystall in an arena???

    Thanks for the info on your rings. After 10 years, my outdoor is starting to hold water too long. It has a clay base and @ 4 inches of sand and shredded rubber. But after all these years the arena...
  22. You might try contacting United States Pony Club...

    You might try contacting United States Pony Club and /or The 4H community.

    Good Luck
  23. Are the stalls in 3 across head to head trailers wide enough?

    I'm considering buying a head to head load trailer. It's 8 feet wide so the stalls are about 32 inches by calculation. Has anyone used these with larger horses and are they wide enough?
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    Newborn foal not nursing enough! Ideas?

    My foal was born last night around 12:05 a.m. It took him quite a while to figure out nursing. And even then, and so far today, he doesn't seem to be nursing well, too infrequent and for too short...
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    Thanks to those who suggested massaging with warm...

    Thanks to those who suggested massaging with warm wet towels. I did that and added the oatmeal bath additive as she has been very itchy under there (I also double dosed her on Equimax). WE did get...
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