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  1. You are VERY smart!

    I second this super smart ladies' sentiment.

    First trick is to find a NICE guy who has his own expensive, time consuming hobby. I found mine in the internet personals. He is a competitive,...
  2. Dumb question

    WEG coverage is available on the internet?
    Where, when, I too late!!!
  3. How about the AWS. It could happen. The foal...

    How about the AWS.
    It could happen.
    The foal could also be registered as a Half Arab.

    And please don't forget the Trak book, which is closed. They have a couple of incredible FULL ARAB...
  4. Well technically, YES. Sorry to disagree.

    Well technically, YES.
    Sorry to disagree.
  5. Update please

    It has been over a week, has anything been done for this horse?
  6. I just recently lost one of my dogs.

    When I read this thread, my heart broke...again. Making the decision to put an old or sick animal down is a gut wretching one. It is one I don't envy, and it makes it even more difficult when you are...
  7. I would love to find a draftx

    OK after my last horse a draft cross or as they are now called an American Warmblood would be right up my alley. Hey I am going to be middle aged soon enough.

    I have a question for you...
  8. I certainly understand, however...!

    I was talked into buying a HUGE 3 year old that was just way too much horse for me, not to mention he had a hole in one of his tendons. Mentally he needed non-typical living situation that was not a...
  9. A donkey may be the best idea

    Most domestic dogs do not have the "killer" instinct. Plus if you get a dog that will successfully chase off/or kill coyotes, would you really want that type of animal around your family or valuable...
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