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    I recently bought a new pair of Tredstep Donatello tall boots and now I have blisters from hell right by my achilles tendon. Its not really a friction causing blisters situation, its the leather...
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    Trainer contract?

    Recently, I was offered a training/instructing position, completely out of the blue. I wasn't looking for something, and currently live in a place where no H/J programs are very established. I had a...
  3. Yep! Same pony. The previous challenges all got...

    Yep! Same pony. The previous challenges all got worked out. Once he settled in to the farm, which took MUCH longer than previously anticipated, he stopped acting like a stud. Also took him off sweet...
  4. Won't pick up right lead to save his life

    So, after a thorough vet check, I bought a beginner lesson pony in the beginning of the year for my stepdaughter who had never ridden before. We bought (saved?) him from previous owners that had him...
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    Battling pony buyers! HELP!

    A little background...I have a beginner safe, bombproof school pony for sale. 6 y.o., perfect for the up/down'ers through Children's. As it happens, I have had him on the market for months now, but...
  6. Thanks. We'll see what tomorrow brings I guess. I...

    Thanks. We'll see what tomorrow brings I guess. I really wish this farmette had a round pen, but no. Ill try your suggestion. I want to try riding him while someone else lunges him too. Hes just so...
  7. HELP! I know ponies are brats...but this is crazy!

    I typically pride myself on being a knowledgeable horse person, but I'm at a complete loss and need to pick the brains of other knowledgeable horse people.

    I recently bought a pony that seemed...
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    Very generic saddle -- help?!

    So I just inherited my very first saddle back from a family member that I had handed it down to, and seeing as I'm a bit older than I was when I gave it away, I'm curious about the...
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