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  1. Preserving XC logs and other DIY cross country build aspirations

    We have taken down several Maple, Poplar and Oak trees at home for a solar project. I am hoping to use a majority of the logs for cross country jumps. Any specific process to strip bark from tree...
  2. Gastic Ulceration affecting glandular mucosa instead of typlical squamous mucosa

    Had my mare scoped last week and she had very strange staining and inflammation in areas not typically affected by ulcers. The vet showed pictures to the other vets and they believe it is ulceration...
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    Slow healing shoulder wound

    I have a mare that was bit by a brown recluse in April. Vet believes she had a systemic reaction as several abscesses occurred on legs and shoulder area that eventually burst. The one on her shoulder...
  4. BriteKleen Solutions for you Aluminum and Stainless Trailers - Reviews?

    Looking at their products on line to clean my aluminum frame and stainless steel skin trailer. Wondering if anyone has heard of or used this product. Thanks!
  5. Where to rent and Aera-vator in Chester County, Delaware, Eastern Shore area?

    Looking to rent one for a days worth of work. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Fake Brush for XC fences

    I know of the SafTFence, but has anyone used anything else as a long term brush imitator? I was thinking aquarium plants. Converting a plank in my jump field into a pseudo brush fence. Thanks!
  7. This is the jacket in question in pacific blue....

    This is the jacket in question in pacific blue. Hard to compare color because everything in picture is so white, makes it look brighter.
  8. similar to this jacket, but lighter ...

    similar to this jacket, but lighter
  9. Jacket color questions - FEI/USEF/USEA

    Was reading through some rules regarding jacket color. 2013 FEI rule book just simply states "hunting attire" but I didn't see it defined. USEF says dark color jacket. Are there any instance where a...
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    Just ordered the Epps since there is a money back...

    Just ordered the Epps since there is a money back offer. Went with the no portable version and will put in the work to move it if it isn't catching anything. Might invest in a horsepal additionally...
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    Epps and HorsePal Fly Traps

    Saw some older threads, looking for some more recent reviews especially the portable version of the epps. I live in southern Delaware and the biting flies are horrific this season. Thank you in...
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    Camcorder choices for events

    Looking to invest in a camcorder for lesson and events and wanted to see who used what and who out there had some suggestions to avoid. Thought any camcorder could work for lessons, but events need a...
  13. Air Curtains/ Air Doors for fly control

    Just curious if anyone was ever used an Air-door or Air-curtain in the barn aisle way doors to help keep flies out? We have one in the restaurant I work at and it got me thinking. Obviously it would...
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    Frank Dibella MB Sprinter Van

    Does anyone have a ballpark of a price for this vehicle? I cannot find information regarding price anywhere.
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    Videos worth posting and watching

    Hi All,

    I have been spending a majority of the last few months watching videos on youtube to learn more because finding quality instruction in my area is very difficult and time consuming via...
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    Photographer @ HPNJ last weekend?

    Anyone know if there was one and what there contact information is?
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    Western Sun RID

    Worked at a farm several years ago where he was standing. Is he still covering mares? Any website with his current whereabouts? Just curious, he was a really coold stallion.
  18. Off-site Boarding near Fitch's Corner

    Can anyone recommend and boarding facilities near Fitch's Corner. Maybe between there and Poughkipsie?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have had the caprilli for about 8 years. I use...

    I have had the caprilli for about 8 years. I use to love it when I only had one horse. I started riding multiple horses a day and decided to invest in some of the gullet plates. I found it to be a...
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    Prelim. Move-Ups Area Two

    Any suggestions on good move-up courses for prelim. in Late July through August? Is the HPNJ that occurs in late July similar to the MDHT set-up where the first is meant to test the rider at the...
  21. It went well and was very easy. If you have room...

    It went well and was very easy. If you have room for a larger load (i.e. 3 tons vs one ton) it was cheaper per ton. Some small loads were quite pricey for mediocre hay. I landed a wonderful load of...
  22. Kirkwood Hay Auction in PA. - Advice and Wisdom please!

    Hey All. I am heading to the hay auction at kirkwood tomorrow for my first time and didn't know if anyone had any pointers or advice. More importantly, could you message me with any dealers and...
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    GRC Photography was the official photgrapher for...

    GRC Photography was the official photgrapher for the event here at Sporting Days this past weekend.
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    GRC photography

    GRC photography
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    Sporting Days Farm Upgrades

    Not sure how many opportunites there are for organizers to get feedback from competitors. We are posting this to see where improvements made a difference and where future improvements would be...
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