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    Irish Draught Horse Society North America has...

    Irish Draught Horse Society North America has started offering micro chipping for both purebreds and sport horses.
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    This happened to a horse (OTTB)I owned several...

    This happened to a horse (OTTB)I owned several years ago. My vet never figured out what caused it although her performed several tests. We were able to recreate the collapse simply by putting a rope...
  3. I've dealt with what sounds like the exact same...

    I've dealt with what sounds like the exact same thing. A colt I bred, watched as he was gelded, and then during a PPE as a two year old the vet said he was a stallion. Turns out, he had two gel like...
  4. The IDHSNA plans inspections around the locations...

    The IDHSNA plans inspections around the locations of horses to be inspected. Last year, SE Region, nearest to you there was one near Atlanta and one in the NE near Philadelphia. The year before...
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    Dr. Robert Goldsmith. My horses love him.
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    Luckily there are quite a few breeders on the...

    Luckily there are quite a few breeders on the East Coast. Also, many more ID and IDHS owners who get their horses out and about.

    Look at the IDHSNA website and see if there...
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    Thanks everyone. I am hoping that hanging against...

    Thanks everyone. I am hoping that hanging against the wall will work in this room.
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    Best Way To Store Shafts

    We have moved our antique carriage and sleigh into a climate controlled area. I need to make a place to store the shafts for each.
    Can anyone tell me what is the best way to store shafts and offer...
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    Hi, Did you get any response about dressage barns...

    Hi, Did you get any response about dressage barns near Texas Tech? I would be interested in what you have found. Feel free to PM me.
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    Renovating Existing Barn

    We have just moved to a new farm :D. There is an existing monitor style barn that I am renovating to be more horse friendly. It has a lovely 16' wide center aisle and two side areas with concrete, in...
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    Also Rolex Tickets

    We just determined that we also are not able to attend this year. We have tickets for all 4 days, seats for dressage and show jumping, and earphones for dressage. If you are interested, please email...
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    Hunting from Hartwood, VA

    I am also in Hartwood and a member of Commonwealth. You are about 1 hour from Ingleside fixtures and less than 45 from Woodpecker Farm fixture. Our location is ideal for easy access to many hunts.
  13. Horse Vacs

    The first horse vac I used was made by Shop Vac and it hung on the wall. It was wonderful and both I and the horses loved it. The key, it seemed, was the 12 foot hose. It lasted almost 10 years.
  14. Hashimoto's

    I agree. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's when my cancerous thyroid was removed. After 20 years or more of symptoms, I was delighted to have a dx. All these years my doctors had been prescribing...
  15. Where to put your Fly Predator Wasps Around the Farm

    Sounds like a great idea. Much sturdier than my plastic jars. Will give it a try.
    Thank you.:)
  16. Where to put Fly Predators

    We like to put them in the manure pile, under a corner of a tarp, tried covering with a light layer of mulch, but the dog finds them all.
    Nailing the container up out of the dog's reach means we...
  17. Where do you put you Fly Predator Wasps around the farm?

    I use Fly Predators and have been very pleased with them. However, our dog has suddenly decided they are delicious and will gobble them up if she can get to them. I've tried putting them in a clean...
  18. Any horse activity in Mt. Sidney, VA area?

    We are making a similar search. leaving the Fredericksburg area and moving to a more rural and horse friendly area.

    Does anyone know about the Mt. Sidney, VA area? There is a nice farm for sale...
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    Frey Bros

    We used Frey Bros doors. Love them. They've been up 10+ years and are still wonderful
  20. Lord H, Two things I'd disagree with in your...

    Lord H,

    Two things I'd disagree with in your post.

    One - SO did not say that sending semen one time meant he didn't have to send refund. When the original stallion died, he gave MO the option...
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    Barn Tours

    Great idea, We did this very thing in Ireland last spring. The tour was organized by the very gracious Jimmy and Edel Quinn of Cappa Stud. It was very educational.
    The barns were not all as fancy as...
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    replacement claps for grazing muzzle

    These usually come with an extra clasp. Google the manufacturer, they should sell the parts. I have had to replace the clasps several times.
  23. Perfect Prep Training Day

    I use it and love it, the powder. Have other friends who use both the powder and the paste.
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    Rolex Tailgate

    We did that last year and it was a blast. Would be doing it again but they were sold out fast.

    We had an F350 with a step up into it and chairs in the bed so we could see jumps.

    We also had a...
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    Thanks Cartfall. Did you have yours made from...

    Thanks Cartfall. Did you have yours made from your own design?
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