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  1. thanks for all of the responses. He is coming...

    thanks for all of the responses. He is coming back from another injury on the front end, so he hasn't been worked in several months.

    it doesn't seem to be the back. he's never had issues there....
  2. Lame when on the correct diagonal but not lame when rider posts on the inside diagona

    slightly off when the rider stays on the left diagonal when going to the right.. but perfectly sound when the rider is on the inside diagonal.

    does this mean that the right hind is hurting?
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    Two year old not shedding yet

    Am going to do a fecal, but any other thoughts? horse does not look "wormy", except for the winter coat. no big belly.

  4. that was my thought too ladyj

    she showed such potential and they are just screwing her up!
  5. I should add

    that i obviously really liked this horses movement and type,, but not so much in the side reins. fussy and uncomfortable looking, but i can hardly blame her.
  6. Would it worry you as a buyer if a two year old has done too much?

    looking at a cute two year old. videos with ad were normal. horse in paddock, showed movement etc.

    however when I inquired on the two year old (and actually not yet two years old) the...
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    thanks for the explanation. so that would be this...

    thanks for the explanation. so that would be this week? isn't the royal happening now?
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    what are "cup" classes in Canada

    is this a class for hunter prospects? when are the finals? i see it noted in horse for sale ads that they are cup prospects and wondered what that meant.

  9. Are you ever disappointed in how your premium babies turn out?

    Found a young prospect to purchase. He was a premium at inspection and then ran through some hard times. priced very low because of current training level.. not started yet as 4 year old. breeder...
  10. 5.7 V-8

    I really thought the larger V-8 engine was up to towing 10k. that is why i am shopping tundras.

  11. Does anyone drive a two horse gooseneck with a tundra?

    it seems that there are many happy tundra owners that pull a bumper.. but what about a gooseneck?

  12. Really appreciate everyone's comments

    horse had not had an injury, (as far as we knew). Just very heartbreaking all the way around.
  13. yes the horse was vetted, but the signs were so...

    yes the horse was vetted, but the signs were so subtle, i'm not sure you would notice unless you spent more time with the horse.

    it's a small breeder (one stallion) and i would not consider a...
  14. Horse diagnosed with wobblers after the sale

    do you as breeders ever try to compensate the buyer in some say?

    quick story..
    bought a 3 year old, 6 months later, after extensive treatment and myelogram, diagnosed with wobblers. Two vets and...
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