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  1. Thanks guys

    We have actually done some of these, the bucket in the corner behind the wooden boards, no handles, right now he is a big rubber trashcan on the floor, tied to the corner of the stall (his stall is...
  2. Clever ways to keep your horse from destroying his water buckets?

    If they hang on the wall, he grabs them and empties them onto his stall floor. I have also found bits & pieces of other type buckets ripped off, spilling water everywhere. He has toys but he passes...
  3. I have a little hope here July 1

    I have been feeding the bye, bye itch home made ingredients as discussed above and using the toad juice products and while not "show grounds pretty", they are MUCH BETTER than they have ever been...
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    Interesting blog about no see ums

    I will say this is the first year I have used heavy doses of freshly ground flax seed and my 2 sweet itch sufferers have done MUCH better.

    Hope this helps
  5. Super cool run-in sheds for hot climate

    Do you guys have any tried & true designs and must-use materials? Needs to be able to protect from those tiny no-see-ums.
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    Friend just got a WOW and her horse LOVES it and so does she

    There seems to be some fitters in your area. She and her horse are VERY happy.
  7. Taking the "kitchen sink" approach.......will let you guys know

    So I just bought Toad mist fly spray, toad jelly shampoo, and toad juice spray, msm sulfur powder, & the ingredients for the Bye Bye Itch minus the nettle & buckwheat. I looked up the nettle and...
  8. I even paid the money to the leukemia foundation......

    for the ingredients to a "really good fly spray" that was supposed to be really good for the no see ums, can't say it was better than anything else, but at least I gave to a good cause :)
  9. Oh....

    I do understand homeopathic medicine, I've been in human medicine for more than 30 years. That was not my question, I was wondering if the product works as anyone can "claim" anything.
    To be...
  10. I don't understand your question Scribbler

    Are you asking how that particular product works?
    I have found 2 more that look interesting, 1st is Bye Bye Itch, a brewers yeast product & the other is Toadjuice products.....I will be trying both.
  11. I have 2 that suffer no matter what I have tried.....

    I would stall them but they HATE being stalled. I did try "Stinky Stuff" products last year from the UK, and they seemed to help some but my 2 were already so irritated that it was hard to tell. I...
  12. Phytopet Homeopathic Sweet Itch Aid for sweet itch??

    I am gearing up to fight the annual battle with sweet itch, has anyone tried the above product? Any other new products that I am not aware of? TIA.
  13. hind gut ulcers......

    My friend had a horse with hind gut ulcers, the medication for this iscytotec (misoprostol) 200 mcg tablets — give 10 pills 2 x daily x 30 days May cause some loose stools--this medication made all...
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    older trailers scare me.....

    Check the frame that the floor sits on to make sure it has not deteriorated. I bought an older trailer years ago "with a new floor". Indeed the floor was new 2x6's but the frame they were attached...
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    SoftStall products?

    Anyone here familiar with these products? I am particularly interested in the SodtStall Advantage. I have emailed the folks & checked in with them on FB and still have no answers. Kinda weird.
  16. Patty Brantley is back home now, I did not read...

    Patty Brantley is back home now, I did not read all the posts, but she and her boys are the real deal. GREAT minds on her horses too. SUPER lady.
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    Well, maybe I will try one then. It's only $135, I think. It is black with gold piping and I think it will look good on my buckskin colt. I don't mind it being an everyday bridle if its not show...
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    I stumbled across one that would look pretty good on my buckskin colt but I had never seen one in person. I'll keep looking. Thanks again.
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    FSS Dressage Bridles?

    I searched the topic here but came up empty. Has anyone actually seen these bridles in person? If so, what is the quality & durability? Thanks!
  20. The good.......

    Marsha Hartford-Sapp, check out her Facebook page......great horsewoman, great resource for the area, knows all the supporting folks in the area, unbelievable trainer
  21. I've never composted manure before.....

    but that sounds like it takes time (in other words it would be packed) & would be wet. I PROMISE you a ground driven anything speader will get clogged against the blades, I have dug it out a many a...
  22. I have a newer & have had a Mill Creek ground drive

    Make sure you get the model of Newer speader that has the agitator in it or you will HATE it. I use pelleted mostly but flaked also for one horse that is a stall walker and it works well for all of...
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    sent you a PM

    About Icon Flight
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    You're in Texas, the heart of QH country.....

    There are going to be a gazillion trailers way to small for your horse. I would suggest googling a jumper or dressage show in your area and go see what all the people with big horses are using and...
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    Been through the slant load nightmare.....

    Don't do it, they do NOT make them big enough. When they measure it they go from farthest diagonal to farthest diagonal, not center of the chest to center of the butt, and they seem to forget the...
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