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    I do..I'm not sure how to post but if you PM I...

    I do..I'm not sure how to post but if you PM I believe I can attach them.
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    Aaspen I sent you an email....I think I have your...

    Aaspen I sent you an email....I think I have your mare's dam and some half siblings. What a small world!
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    We had a filly born last year by Qredit out of a...

    We had a filly born last year by Qredit out of a Riverman mare. She has an absolutely fabulous temperament and is much less spicy than her dam. She was so easy to take to her inspection and was so...
  4. Have an Essence of Dubai mare

    I have an Essence of Dubai daughter that I've had for a little over a year. She is a really nice type with a very pretty face and a very nice round neck. A great quick hind leg and a lot of knee...
  5. Thanks!

    Thanks for all of the input! Now I'll have to go check out everyone suggested!
  6. Carpaccio. Chico's Boy. Others to improve trot with jumper lines

    I'd love some input...I'm considering breeding a maiden TB mare who is 16.3 very leggy short coupled type who has fabulous jumping technique, great brain, great walk and canter but could use a bit...
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    Wow, its a fanastic knowledge you have Viney! Your information is very much appreciated! Lots of interesting insights that I hadn't picked up on her pedigree from the other threads! Thank you very...
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    Lots of ND/Neartic but Nothern Baby dam

    I've been researching my TB mare's pedigree on this forum. Her dam is by Northern Baby who I know was known as a great dam sire of chasers. But after reading this thread I'm concerned becuase she has...
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    Geotextile Supplier in Mid-Atlantic Area

    I was hoping someone in the mid-atlantic area had bought some geotextile for an arena. I heard some suggestions of farmtek but the prices seemed a bit high. Anybody have any suggestions?
  10. Community College Program with articulations to Rutgers, Cornell and Delaware Valley

    If you are in the mid-Atlantic region, Gloucester County College has a two year equine science program with articulation agreements to Rutgers, Delaware Valley College and Cornell to complete a four...
  11. Thread: Chronos

    by LucyMay

    Chronos a westphalian??

    Knew of a Chronos, gray Westphalian stallion.....
  12. super helpful info Kris! Helps narrow down...

    super helpful info Kris! Helps narrow down choices for sure! I went to your website to see the mare you crossed with Royal Prince and she is very uphill...You have beautiful mares and fillies! Very...
  13. This is great!

    All great info! I wish I could do Contendro or look into frozen, I think I should stick to fresh, The mare got pregnant four years ago with Rubinstein frozen but hasn't been bred since and is 17 this...
  14. Great Suggestions and Info!

    Thanks guys for the great suggestions and info!

    Thanks for the info VineyRidge, its especially interesting to hear about Lemon as an event sire, that's what this mare's owners said she was...
  15. Hanoverian stallion for Lemon Park xx/Bolero mare


    I was interested in suggestions...I've been riding a wonderful Rubinstein 4 yo out of a Lemon Park xx/Bolero mare that I love and the marvelous owners have given me the opportunity to breed...
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    Thanks to Hilltop!

    I wanted to thank Hilltop for posting the results. I hadn't realized my mare DayoMay had the highest score of the MPT. I was so proud of her! She is the only foal out of a very special mare I evented...
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    Bank Up and Down Distances for Building


    I've roped my boyfriend into building a simple up and down bank with telephone poles from the neighbor. The type where you essentially build a box and fill it with dirt and supports so you...
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    Congrats! My boyfriend and I just bought an 8 acre farm with a house in need of work and we built a barn on it too! We closed in July and put in the barn and all of our fencing by ourselves and with...
  19. I'm curious on everyone's opinions regarding...

    I'm curious on everyone's opinions regarding depth of base.... What have people done and are they happy with it?
  20. Great helpful stuff guys! I'm so glad to hear...

    Great helpful stuff guys! I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one out there who dosen't have that much money for an arena...I've been trying to ride in the muck all winter and keep gettting on...
  21. Did anyone put their arena in themselves? Advice/Help

    I'm so frusturated trying to ride in the bad footing over the winter! And we got a quote but I don't think we can afford it right now....septic/excavating guy to come out and give us a quote for a 90...
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    Asphalt as base

    I just got a contractor to come out and give a quote on putting in an arena...I was going to post a new subject but so many knowledgeable people had just posted on arenas. The USDF Underfoot book...
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    Her dam was an event mare, half Hanoverian...

    Her dam was an event mare, half Hanoverian (shogun lines) and half TB. Her dam's name was Lucy. I do have some photos but unfortunately they aren't on any websites.
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    Riverman Offspring

    I have a 3 y/o offspring by Riverman that has been absolutely wonderful to break. I rode her in a round pen for a week and then have done all of her ridden work after that point in large fields with...
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