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  1. Donate Your unneeded Horsie Items to Pony Club and get a Tax Writeoff!!!

    Tax time is coming up, and wouldn't it be nice to clean the barn AND have a healthy write-off?

    Our Pony Club is a 501C3 and all gifts are tax-deductible. So long as the value is under $5000, you...
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    Polocrosse Anyone?

    My daughter recently went to a few polocrosse clinics and expos, and she is in love with the sport. Any suggestions on how to get into the sport - what racquet to buy, etc? We are in the process of...
  3. OK, have to add in my 2 cents - our family dog is...

    OK, have to add in my 2 cents - our family dog is a Boston Terrier and he is awesome!!! We wanted a smaller dog that was not foo-foo. We had a pug that died of old age, and while we loved the pug...
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    Welcome to Michigan

    If you do move to Grand Rapids - welcome! There is a great horse community on the west side of the state. There are several boarding barns, many with great trainers. What type of riding are you...
  5. Horses are a girls best friend, but Diamonds aren't bad either

    I love to trade!

    I used to have a diamond business . . . I traded a quite large diamond for a fantastic 1965 chevy convertible in GREAT condition. Drove the car for 2 months, then sold it on eBay...
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    Oh, and she is a pony clubber, so most interesed...

    Oh, and she is a pony clubber, so most interesed in dressage, h/j, show jumping, and eventing. But really anything to do with horses :-)
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    Well, she found a show she wants to watch on...

    Well, she found a show she wants to watch on Thursday, but it's going to be perfect beach weather so I'm trying to convince her that tomorrow is the day to go. Thanks for all the suggestions, if...
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    What can we do in Ocala?

    I am on vacation in Florida with my family - and my 14 yo daughter is going through complete horse withdrawl. It has only been two days!

    I thought it would be fun to go to Ocala, but is there...
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    Want to add that I will have the right horse...

    Want to add that I will have the right horse shipped if further away than my pick up range (a couple states).
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    Looking for Pony/Horse in Michigan

    Looking for beginner-friendly horse/pony for Pony Clubber in Michigan. Prefer something under 15.2, but larger not out of the question. Should be safe for 75 lb. 11-yo girl who has done some riding...
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    In Michigan Looking for Pony Club Mount

    I am looking for quiet well-trained mount that would be appropriate for my 11 yo D1 (soon to be D2) pony clubber. Size is not important, although if a pony should be larger than 13.2. We have our...
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