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    I saw the ad for this horse. Would not have gone...

    I saw the ad for this horse. Would not have gone to see him before but would now based on what you stated here. But price would be an issue for me.
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    Who did you use for the Loxley?

    The rep I tried to use blew me off despite having talked to her at Rolex and sending tracings.
  3. I am picking up retread up in cincy

    May have room for up to two more folks in the car if anyone wants a ride.
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    I have it in my stalls. It sucks. The urine does not drain at all through it and the stalls have dips where the pee spots are. I had to put stall mats in all the stalls.
  5. Can anyone tell me about Williston SC..near Aiken

    Am considering looking at a piece of property there.
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    Talk to me about Williston, SC

    Am thinking of looking at a pieceof property there.
  7. Color shouldn't matter

    I just got a screaming good deal on a black county jump saddle at MTE.
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    Weenie Geezers

    Formed in VA in about 1998...for anyone over 35 who is not interested in EVER competing above Novice. You can be be badass competitive and still be a member.
  9. I have two used ones if you are interested

    I have two used ones if you are interested
  10. you need an MRI with contrast to actually...

    you need an MRI with contrast to actually diagnose the tear. Mine looked small on MRI but was quite a bit worse when he got in there
  11. I had a minimally invasive procedure

    Basically they tacked mine back together and removed a bone spur. I would not recommend the old school cut away the labrum approach. That one tends to leave you with a lot of arthritus and are very...
  12. I would assume they are a farmer pack

    Which is often a delightful place to dip your toe in the hunting world so to speak. :-)
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    GAH! I saw those too

    I thought the silver was hideous.
    FWIW, if you wear a color other than black boots with a black saddle, your leg had better be perfect. I think Brown boots with a brown saddle would be nice. But...
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    Lakota 2, horse slaves 0

    When I got this mare in June she had been used to being out 24/7 and being a bit thin, could not be coaxed in off the grass in a driving rain. Fast forward to yesterday. A nice day at 50 degrees, she...
  15. Electric is priced like gold here but that said...

    I still bought a heated bucket for the Donk's stall. I have a stock tank in my barn with a plug heater and a heated muck bucket for when I have him out of his stall. I also have the insulated buckets...
  16. Actually I no.longer live in va so there are no...

    Actually I no.longer live in va so there are no options for MR I or strong diagnostic pelvic xrays. Closest place is a little over 4 hours. We did do an internal ultrasound as well. And a biopsy...
  17. Speak to me of Cauda Equina Syndrome and/or Unusual EPM presentation

    My lovely 3 year old mare started experiencing what appeared to be a slipping stifle, but only on occasion when she was turning and startled a bit. She was very gangly when I got her an all angles....
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    10 thumbs up for Greystone.

    Loved being at Erons.

    QUOTE=SarahKing;7722364]You are in my neck of the woods then. Howdy, neighbor!

    Geographically, Eron Owens of Grey Stone eventing at IRUS Stables in Lebanon may be...
  19. Thread: bridle sizing

    by mellsmom

    bridle sizing

    My small headed mare needs a bridle for her we inspection. I think I need either a large pony or small cob bridle. Any suggestions?
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    So sorry for the loss of your guy

    So sorry for the loss of your guy
  21. The sire has some sort of isr approval so i need...

    The sire has some sort of isr approval so i need to check into it with the registry
  22. Mine has also sat too long. I am giving the...

    Mine has also sat too long. I am giving the clover and grass hay to the guy cutting it for his cows. It's 5 -6 acres and we need to do soil testing, spray for weeds/to kill the damn clover and plant...
  23. Which Breed Association to register with?

    I have recently acquired two unbroken three year old mares. I know, but uhm... the donkey made me do it! Anyway, one of the mares will be inspected in September by the Westfalen folks.
    The other...
  24. Secretary of State

    Was an UL dressage horse and son of Sectetariat.
    Owned a mare out of this bloodline. Very athletic
    But really wanted to be a first flight field hunter. She
    Is showing in ll eventing and jumpers in...
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    rehabbing a bow

    Cute lesson pony bowed in early April. He was on stall rest for about 5 weeks and has been in small paddocks since then. Initial presentation was swelling/hot/lame. Took a looong time to cool/set. He...
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