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  1. Sticky: NY, PA to Ocala

    Need a small mare (15.1) shipped from NY state to Ocala. Located in the Fingerlakes but could transport here within 3 hours of location.

    PM if you have any openings
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    Building your indoor how much did it cost

    size and total cost, getting all the way to using it. So electric, water, footing, kickboards and stalls if you added them.

    Thanks for sharing
  3. Sticky: Looking for a ride. Want to get a small horse 15h...

    Looking for a ride. Want to get a small horse 15h from MA to Aiken. Anyone heading in that direction?
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    well I don't know if it means stole or unpaid. It...

    well I don't know if it means stole or unpaid. It could mean someones young colt got loose on purpose or by design. It could mean who-ever purchased or bred him just didn't see the need or have the...
  5. will be interesting to see how this applies to...

    will be interesting to see how this applies to the CSU fire. Lots of people lost valuable frozen items that can not be replaced
  6. Thread: hay hauler?

    by Adagio

    hay hauler

    well yeah I am sure I can search the internet and pick any random hauler. Guess I was more looking for recommendations so as to find someone reliable.
  7. Thread: hay hauler?

    by Adagio

    hay hauler?

    Looking for a hay hauler that could pick up large and deliver to my farm from Northern PA to just north of Seneca lake. Large rounds 4x4 or 4x5's
    about 280-300 miles round trip
  8. looking for large round bales in Central NY (fingerlakes)

    my large bale guy lost his silage contact and in turn I lost my large round bales. I need to find a new connection. I am in Phelps, NY. Delivery or
    P/U of smaller loads on a weekly basis.....
  9. magically moving foot sore signs

    my experience, had lameness vet out for same issue with a young horse. Was told absolutely had to have shoes, at very least on front. Foot conformation was the issue and correct trimming was not...
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    4 year old stallion

    So muse2greats, I am a breeder and always looking to add good TB blood to my herd. This year I have two foals, both 1/2 TB. Next year I have one due, that foal will be almost 1/2 TB.
    I went to your...
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    Bright White ....

    Well just to add to the discussion. I have a gelding by Bright White out of my Trakehner mare Sommer Schwalbe. Great mover, big @17h (mare was 16.2h), high ride-ability with jump. Maybe it will...
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    performance stallions

    "Not all stallions have good conception rates with frozen semen."

    Which means if you are a stallion owner and want to market your frozen, test breed your straws. The best proof of success is foals...
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    Owning, breeding caring for horses is expensive...

    Owning, breeding caring for horses is expensive with small margins.
    These issues are not exclusive to stallion owners. I will be competing my
    home bred mares prior to breeding them. Seems to me...
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    Marrakech Express - is this him?

    If so seems like a been there done it kind of horse. Assuming this is the same horse
    Roxanne Booth might be a good contact...
  15. faster

    Whatever you are selling the other is going faster
    Selling a colt, they want a mare. Want a colt, you are selling a mare
    Want a smaller horse you are selling a large horse, they want a larger horse...
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    Picture of haffie bred to Prince of Prussia

    hope this works put it up on facebook and made it public
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    Memphis Barn

    I have a good friend who lives in Memphis, rides out of this barn

    I know they provide excellent care, I know she has been to or knows of many of the barns in the...
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    Trakehner haffie cross

    Waiting for the 2 week check on our Haffie mare.
    We bred to Prince of Prussia. He is an older stallion with proven bloodlines.
    Several approved stallions from the same sire/dam combination.
  19. pictures

    sent you a pm drop me an email and I'll get some new pics today. She is right around 3 so a good time to take a look.
  20. second vote for a TB

    I really like this guy
    "Ah--Cor Magnifique. He's only 15.2, and he is eventing" and he is on the short list for our haffie

    We crossed our Haffie with my TB stallion (15.3) and are very, very...
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    what a mess

    Ridewithnopride you need to get your head out of your ass and stop breeding. What are you 12, grow up and deal with the choices you made and stop slapping everyone else around cause they can't take...
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    no respect, no professionalism

    "If this was a ONE TIME incident, maybe the trainer is dealing with HIGH stress in some part of their life and they let their temper go for this one session, it does unfortunately happen."

    are you...
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    so as long as we are talking full disclosure

    At what point do you disclose the details, in the ad, before the visit, after the person makes an offer. Honestly I have never seen an ad that says this horse is great but he just had injections. Or...
  24. better presentation sure would help

    Photo's and pedigrees that match sure would get them a bit more interest
  25. recommendations for starting the youngster

    I highly recommend Kim Benson of Flying Star stables. She will bring your youngster along correctly and in phases. Very good from working on the ground in the round pen, to long lines straight...
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