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    I love my barn cats...

    mercifully, my insane cat allergy allows me to feel guilt free at not having any problem bigger than identifying the species of entrails in the barn aisle.

    Good kitties...
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    Breeders Cup Tickets

    Anyone have any for sale? Want to be in the Grandstand, not a penthouse type thing.
  3. L A Trailer sales

    This guy is fabulous!!! Gave me a fair trade in price, picked up and delivered and has nice stuff usually in stock.
  4. One boarder will not help with farm expenses.

    By the time you add extra insurance, labor, expenses, possible damage to property (which will be a bigger deal to you than anything your own horses do) and the fact that your farm is no longer...
  5. Peace Be With You

    It's from the Church.
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    Well, if you hunted regularly, your black hat...

    Would have faded to that lovely chocolate color that everyone admires. Only one way to get "that" color, ride in the rain, the snow, the heat, everything. Or you could buy a brown one.

    But navy? ...
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    Oh. My. Goodness.

    If ironing and a little starching is too daunting for you, perhaps you could take up soccer?

    Part of being a Grown Up "Big Girl" is making sure that one's clothing is nicely pressed and free of...
  8. You already know the answer to this....

    Age doesn't matter. Weight doesn't matter. Performance matters a great deal. Becky Holder is an advanced level eventer, who is not thin. Betty Oare isn't a skinny minnie either, but she rides...
  9. He runs businesses, like businesses. Some of them fail

    Doesn't mean he doesn't know how to manage money, on the contrary, means he tried something that didn't work and he has sense enough to call it a day, unlike our government, who won't abandon any...
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    Not any more

    As your age and life intrudes, you'll start to find out what a dear friend of mine told me years ago. There are too many nice horses to deal with one that isn't. Somewhere, there is someone who will...
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    Why is he not in a hospital or somewhere he can...

    Why is he not in a hospital or somewhere he can get appropriate care and medication? "Managing" means make sure he is somewhere that professionals can deal with his symptoms and behavior. ...
  12. agreed Calvincrowe. My thinking has always been...

    agreed Calvincrowe. My thinking has always been if you are going to eat it, then by all means kill it (barn vermin excepted;)) but if you're just going to stuff the thing and mount it on the wall so...
  13. Pretty sure that horse has had other horses on either side of him before.

    And that is something that you either get done ahead of time or grovel and get someone to change places with you. If it was that important, and I found an end stall without a stallion in it, I'd...
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    His saddles are great. Got mine from him over ten...

    His saddles are great. Got mine from him over ten years ago. First time I rode in it I cried, it's that nice. When he sent his girl to measure my horse (he'd already measured me) he thought she'd...
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    I didn't see a "bad read" from the horse, even on...

    I didn't see a "bad read" from the horse, even on the big fence, he knew where his feet were, and pushed off the fence. The trouble with the corner fence, which he went straight over, was he tried to...
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    Outriders. Usually members of a hunt. Used for...

    Outriders. Usually members of a hunt. Used for crowd control or to catch a runaway. And basic goodwill.
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    If he's that nice and that mannerly, I'd leave...

    If he's that nice and that mannerly, I'd leave him entire. It's easy to geld one, and would likely not discourage anyone that was a serious buyer. If his temperament is that nice as a stallion,...
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    I throw hay. Into the feeder, over the stall...

    I throw hay. Into the feeder, over the stall front, over the fence. I drop grain. Into the feed tubs, where the horses toss it wherever while they're trying to figure out who got the most. So...
  19. My sister just had one. She too, is...

    My sister just had one. She too, is claustrophobic. Meds were not an option, but me sitting at her head, holding her hand was. I simply vowed to pull her out, bare ass naked if need be, the second...
  20. Ok, I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but...

    Ok, I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but your dream is a:really lofty and b: very broad. You want to ride and compete internationally in dressage at GP, ok, you want to learn to jump and event...
  21. Not sure but

    She looks a lot like the girl that was working for Gloria when I was down there last year. Knows her stuff. Good horses. A lot for them to put up with.
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    It depends.

    If you have no intention of showing, and probably having only another person with you, try to find a used marathon carriage. There are many advantages, and few disadvantages. The wedge seat on mine...
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    If you go to Suzy Staffords website you'll see she has one painted and it's lovely

    Stafford Carriage Driving. I am by no means a turnout expert, however, I agree with what you've said. I'm going to presume your harness is black with stainless (I dislike polish brass as well). ...
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    Save the stud fee

    Sounds like she needs a very good, very patient trainer. You are not that person. Send he to someone that has a good reputation for helping nervous horses relax under saddle. In front of the leg...
  25. It's finally happened..

    I'm speechless.

    OP, when God rained down stupid, he forgot to give you an umbrella.
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