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  1. I feed it as a preventative...

    My 5 year old Suffolk/TB gelding gets 4 cups of oil in a pound of beet pulp. He also has access to low-calorie (non seeded, non irrigated) pasture, and gets about 15 pounds of grass hay a day. His...
  2. Pictures would be great...

    But why would you want him off of the rice oil? Most drafts should get 25% of their daily calories from oil, to prevent/treat EPSM. Now it may be reduced, or fed in a different manner if it's...
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    If I can find my stencils...

    I may do some on my horses for our schooling show tomorrow. Combined Test, so much more laid back in turnout then a h/j show.

    I'll probably be the only one braided too.
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    Quatermarks - Decorative markings brushed into the horse’s coat--quarter marks--enhance the conformation of a well-muscled hip and croup, and draw attention to the cleanliness and shine of a...
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    Poll: I'm a bare bones nothing person.

    My horses travel well, and I allow them plenty of space to make themselves comfortable. The trailer is completely smooth inside, so no rubs or scrapes can occur. They travel in halters only, or if...
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    I'm another tall rider...

    I LOVE the 17handers! I have to wait around for my next one though. I have 16.1 and 16.2...and 15 hands at a year old. :) 2011 I'll be on a 17 hand horse again!
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    Thanks for the ideas, folks.

    Looks like I'll probably start shopping for some tall ariats, since they have more models in my price range than MH does, and I'm fairly confident they'll fit.

    I thought about having my old boots...
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    Boot recommendations - Tread?

    Can anyone tell me if they have a field or dress boot that has a good tread on the bottom that ISN'T Mountain Horse? MH boots don't fit my arches, but I LOVE the thick stirrup-designed tread on the...
  9. I know just what mine would get me...

    A two-week long cruise to get me away from the barn. I recently re-started lessons and showing after a decade of trail riding and foxhunting once or twice a year. My horses are rolling their eyes...
  10. You would have more luck changing the bed.

    I personally make sure I have enough clearance before I buy the trailer, but Fords have those extra deep beds the last few years. I"m not surprised you're having trouble with the height. Yes, hitch...
  11. Ha!

    What she said!
  12. Nicely done!

    When are you starting on mine? LOL!
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    One day is fine.

    Depending on who is attending, it's nice to have the option to stay the night before or after, and board or be able to tie out the horses. But the main instruction portion has always been one day in...
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    There's been talk of a San Fran or San Jose clinic...

    but we need a location and an organizer, and the futher south we go, the harder it is for Lillian to come and teach us. :)

    So if you have a facility and you're willing to coordinate - clinics can...
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    I never understood the need for a 50,000 truck. My 15, 000 truck is for hauling and it does that nicely. I sure wouldn't own something that expensive to have around horses and trailers and tractors....
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    This one is in Corning...

    KateKat -the next clinic is in Corning, CA. But we'll have more in the near future. I'm down in Elk Grove, and have a couple of sidesaddles, and more than a couple horses. :)

    Our own Sadlmakr is...
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    Where are you Brigit?

    There's a sidesaddle clinic scheduled here in Northern CA on the weekend of my 8th-10th. I have horses and saddles to loan!

    Hmm, photos. I have lots, but it's probably easier to send you to the...
  18. Looks great!

    I also got my draftie cross (5 year old Suffolk/TB) over some new stuff this weekend. Namely - fences! We started with 9" cross rails, and got up to 1'6" overs and 2' Cross country jumps! So much...
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    I also use oil...

    The horses get about 1 cup of canola oil per 1000 lb body weight per day. So my cost is about 45 cents to 1.00 a day, per horse.
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    Agree with Vandy...

    Our vet recommends alfalfa be kept to 50% or less, but it is very helpful in re-feeding a skinny horse. It can also help if he's prone to ulcers, but you may want to have him scoped. Herbal...
  21. Thread: Choke

    by Mrs. Cowboy

    Yup, fresh green grass

    was recommended for our choke horse too. He did recover fully, although we screwed up and let him into another horses' feed bucket a year after his first choke and he (of course) choked again.

  22. The secret around our place...

    Is baby oil. Warm the bottle if you can if you can, or just leave it in the sun while you wash the rest of him. Glove up, squirt the baby oil up inside, agitate well with gloved hand and pull out...
  23. I also use vegetable oil

    It's cheap and an easy way to get his recommended fat for an EPSM diet.
  24. My best mare is a standardbred.

    She's very willing and trustworthy. She's my first STB, and I got her because her owner wasn't very confident and they didn't get along. I can put confident beginners on her with no problem, but I've...
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    Baby steps

    I'm doing my first dressage schooling show with my 4 year old this weekend, and first combined test with my 9 year old mare.

    Lessons/finding a trainer were the big accomplishments this year. If I...
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