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  1. Can you offer alternative lesson times?

    In regards to opening up additional lesson times, if your schedule, barn schedule and lesson horse availability permits, you might want to consider offering lessons at times other than the peak...
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    I think everything you have done up to this point...

    I think everything you have done up to this point has been cake...really nice tasty cake.

    Following up and presenting the rider some nice half chaps would be icing...really nice tasty icing. A...
  3. Very happy with Behr Premium All-In-One

    This is what I use:

    BEHR PREMIUM® Semi-Transparent Weatherproofing All-In-One Wood Stain & Sealer
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    Ultrashield Green

    Honestly, use of fly predators and a fly trap is the most effective method I've found. But for those times when we are out and about, Ultrashield Green is working well for my horses. My senior...
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    As an alternative to BOSS, maybe try Manna Pro

    Another former BOSS user here. I loved the results, but upon additional study realized the Omega3 and Omega6 ratio was off. Also, the cost almost tripled in my area to $28-32/bag.

    I've switched...
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    This is worth repeating

    This has to be one of the most balanced and sensible posts I have EVER seen on CoTH. :yes:
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    I see a red flag. It's waving with...

    I see a red flag.

    It's waving with considerable vigour.
  8. A&D diaper ointment, not just for babies

    My older gelding had the same problem last year. What I did this year was to start preventative action right when warm weather hit by applying a small amount of A&D ointment right where his "butt...
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    I don't have much experience with lawn sweepers...

    I don't have much experience with lawn sweepers but I do use one of these:

    Some of the best...
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    Stop the craziness!

    Wow! Where on Earth do you guys keep finding these users? After reading some of these posts, I've concluded that I've got one of three things going on:

    A) I've been lucky in that I've somehow...
  11. Explore other options

    This sent the whole carillon off in my head.

    I hope she is legit, but frankly, I would be wary of anyone who approached me and knowingly/willingly asked to take on a horse with a whole host of...
  12. And the cow jumped over the moon...

    Not sure what to think about this one! :confused:

    Copied from the story:

    LAUFEN, Germany — When Regina Mayer's parents dashed...
  13. Thanks for the responses thus far! Laurierace:...

    Thanks for the responses thus far!

    Laurierace: We are going the general admission route and do realize what that means as far as observation of the race. While good seats would be nice, the...
  14. Oaks/Derby 2011 – First-timer would appreciate some tips

    Hi all! I realize this forum tends to be oriented more towards the business of racing and so not much the spectator aspect, but I would really welcome any/all hints you can share to help me and my...
  15. Poll: Turtleneck...two thumbs up!

    I use a Turtleneck Frost on my gelding and I've been very satisfied on all accounts.
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    I stongly suggest that the rent-to-own person...

    I stongly suggest that the rent-to-own person take measures to ensure there is no opportunity for vandalism or theft on the part of the freeloader boarder. It would be wise to remain present at the...
  17. Be prepared to walk

    The more I read, the more convinced I am that the owners are not going to like it when you try to enforce the half-lease. I mean after all, they are getting the full time benefits of having a horse...
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    I would not do any less than $75. And if you buy...

    I would not do any less than $75. And if you buy coffee and clean out the trailer, that will help express your appreciation as well.
  19. One word answer

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    HorseTech Rocks!

    Another Glanzen-GL fan here. It is really good high quality product that has given my 24yo gelding that "little something extra" that he needed to really bloom.

    HorseTech customer service is...
  21. Fagus grandifolia

    I can not speak to the safety of AB around horses, so please continue to seek info from others on that topic.

    The AM seems to be found only east of the Mississippi. That is not to say that you...
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    [QUOTE=JackSprats Mom;5085317]Here's one thing to...

    [QUOTE=JackSprats Mom;5085317]Here's one thing to think about....alot of folks have a hitch on their trucks most don't have a GN hitch in the if you break down somewhere its gonna be much...
  23. [QUOTE=Rhyadawn;5059356]Against the law???...

    [QUOTE=Rhyadawn;5059356]Against the law??? really???

    Yeah...really, really. The box is technically property of the US Postal Service. Speaking from personal experience, I'm less than...
  24. Order it! You'll be glad you did!

    Yeah, $275 will seem like a whole lot of money. That is...until all those fly corpses start adding up. It is SOOOOO satisfing to empty out the jar and see all those dead blood-suckers! :D My trap...
  25. No way, no how

    First off, I'm sorry your horse has a degenerative problem. That stinks!

    Now for "Judy"...she is a special kind of crazy. :no:

    I do believe you need to establish boundaries right up front, or...
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