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  1. Yes, build it exactly like you would a riding...

    Yes, build it exactly like you would a riding arena remove too soil, add 4 -6 inches of compacted and properly graded base ( we use limestone around here in PA) and top with footing of your choice -...
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    Put footing in sacrifice area

    I recommend making the sacrifice area an all weather surface with a properly graded compacted stone base and footing on top. You'll thank your lucky stars 300 days a year if you do is the key...
  3. I just renovated a barn...

    ...and love the bright and sunny feeling created by the natural color of the wood - we did not stain the T&G, only applied polyurethane.

    having said that, a big downside that I did not think...
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    Good suggestion...

    Tying a new hose to the outside would work - just looking for a cleaner and better looking solution. We are spending a lot to renovate the barn and everything is going to be gorgeous...
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    Hose for wash stall swinging boom

    I have a great swinging arm boom sprayer for our wash stall, I think made by Farnham. The hose is leaking and needs to be replaced. I can't find a replacement online. I hate to buy a whole new one...
  6. Lucas Equine Pinlock Assembly Latch

    hi there -

    wondering if anyone has experience with these and how you like them.

    am thinking about getting them...
  7. where would i find that book?

    where would i find that book?
  8. Interior Barn Renovation Contractor in SE Pennsylvania - Chester County

    Hi there,

    we are planning a barn renovation. We have the exterior contractor all figured out, but need recommendations for the interior. We'll be installing new stall fronts, stall doors,...
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    need cell number for John Nunn

    hi all - bit of an emergency here and in need of bridle tags and pinnies TOMORROW for an event we are organizing. don't want to wait till 10 when the store opens. PM if you have it and thanks.
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    Running Order and Doug Payne?

    Just read his blog saying he lost the ride. Any one know what happened? So sad. I loved the way he described his training of that horse.
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    i like these
  12. Dick was the backbone of the Radnor Hunt Three...

    Dick was the backbone of the Radnor Hunt Three Day Event for so many years; voice of Radnor Hunt Horse Trials, Fair Hill, the Hound Show, and so many other events on the east coast; master juggler of...
  13. I have a 10 x 10 tack room

    I have a 10 x 10 tack room, and it is AWESOME. it's a converted stall, with a raised mahogany floor, completely insulated, air conditioned and heated. all surfaces are stained tongue and groove...
  14. Advice for Organizers - Adding Prelim

    i'm an organizer of a very successul N-T-P/T event. i'm looking for general advice from experienced organizers about how adding Prelim is going to change our lives, and what we need to know.

  15. she's adorable. but it got me worrying, is she...

    she's adorable. but it got me worrying, is she alone? maybe she needs an equine buddy?
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    Burhley was a blast!

    we went to Burghley in 2006. even though the trade far was a sea of mud because of heavy rains leading up to the event, we had a wonderful, wonderful time. the trade fair is massive and i could...
  17. small mesh hay net attached to barrel

    my husband made a couple of these...they are awesome. also, lots of good ideas on this paddock paradise web site
  18. just tell them...

    ...just tell them you want a fine crushed stone that will "pack down like a son of a b**ch".

    that translates in all regions.

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    wonderful time with a few disappointments

    we had a great time. staff and volunteers were so helpful and nice and plentiful.

    biggest disappointment was the food. it was essentially one big homoenized tent completely devoid of character. ...
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    Slow barrel feeder

    My husband made one of these

    which we hung from the center of our run-in shed. it's a small mesh hay net attached...
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    hey now

    i will not tolerate any more disparaging remarks about DONKEYS!!
  22. LOVE mud rooms

    i have TWO mudrooms - a dirty mudroom and a clean mudroom. I LOVE THEM

    the dirty mudroom has a human door and a doggie door to the outside; a dog and boot shower in the floor, and tons of pegs...
  23. Downsides of an Amish run-in shed

    downside of the amish run-in sheds are:

    (1) they are UGLY. short and squatty

    (2) because they are typically short, taller horses can reach up and chew on the roof framing, and often the wood...
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    I LOVE my sacrifice area!

    we call it a dry lot or sand is awesome.

    built exactly like a conventional riding arena. excavate down below the soil line. grade with a slight slope to drain water where you want...
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    cuz i love it and cuz it rolls off the tongue

    Linger Longer Farm

    stole 'Linger Longer' from a street where my sister lives in a very cool place in Georgia.

    other names i've thought of that would be appropriate here:

    fat belly farm
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