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  1. MSM - Is Animed Still the COTH preferred brand?

    I was searching thru a bunch of old threads on MSM, and there were lots of folks saying they only noticed a change in their horse after using the animed brand of msm, verses other brands.

    Is this...
  2. Thank You.

    Thank You.
  3. NoVA - Recommendation for Someone Handy to Repair Our Run-In Shed?

    Hi Guys,

    We are in Loudoun. Our run-in is 10 or more years old and now has leaks in the top and holes in the sides.

    Can you recommend a handy farm-savvy person to do some repairs?
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    "For mine it was the first sign that cervical...

    "For mine it was the first sign that cervical arthritis was setting in... "

  5. Considering Half-Leasing My Horse To Help Pay Bills - COTH Wisdom Needed

    My horse is getting more expensive to maintain due to his age. He is a great mellow kick-a-long.

    I have been reading up on written lease agreements, and will call an equine lawyer to get some...
  6. Thread: .

    by ytr45


  7. Truck and Trailer Safety Lighting Question (Gooseneck)

    Hi Coth Folk,

    Recently we had to trailer in the early pitch black morning. We were on rough country roads with deep ditches on the sides. When we had to take a right hand turn, there was not...
  8. Sticky: Two Geldings in Loudoun County, VA Needing Exercise

    We have two geldings near Ashburn who could use some extra exercise. This is an opportunity for a rider who has owned their own horse in the past, and who has experience with correct flatwork, equine...
  9. I'm right next door to Ashburn. I can introduce...

    I'm right next door to Ashburn. I can introduce you to my neighbor who runs a boarding barn, if you want. Not sure it will be exactly what you're looking for, but definitely a good place. There...
  10. I looked at the valleyvet prices. So it seems...

    I looked at the valleyvet prices. So it seems roughly that if your horse needs 2 prascends/day, you save about $9/month. The cost per pill is 15 cents cheaper with the big box.
  11. thanks everyone. wish I'd know about the valley...

    thanks everyone. wish I'd know about the valley vet economy pack a year ago.....thank gods for coth! So, how do the folks who have to give 3/day or 2.5/day afford it? Mac&cheese all year? tuna?...
  12. Who Has a Horse on Two Prasends (2mg) per Day?

    So, for the 2 prasends/day folks, how do you afford it?

    So friggin' expensive! its $120 (or there abouts) per month.

    I'm thinking of getting my senior horse re-tested in the fall, just to...
  13. Classy Breed Logo For Quarter Horses - I just made one up

    ok, be nice, be kind... I was just messing around in the Mac text editor. I don't know anything about graphics.

    But, I always thought it would be sort of cool if there was a classy breed logo for...
  14. What about the third-party blades that cost half...

    What about the third-party blades that cost half of the manufacture's blades? I've seen them on amazon.
  15. Recommendations Mail-in Clipper Blade Sharpening?

    Can anyone recommend a good place to mail in the clipper blades for sharpening?

    I don't even know if the blades are sharpen-able at this point -or whats worth it and whats not.

    I use the oster...
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    Blankets Not Waterproof & Breathable

    Hi Guys,
    the thread on "blanketing a wet horse" got me thinking about a post I read last year (couldn't find it again).

    There was a thread about waterproofing and breathability. A guy from the...
  17. Thread: Previcox

    by ytr45

    So "Jimmy's Sqeeze Buns" are like pill pockets...

    So "Jimmy's Sqeeze Buns" are like pill pockets for horses?

    THe fig-newtons worked great for months and months, and then suddenly they were refused, leaving me crestfallen.

    I need something...
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    Winter Work Boots Safety Question

    Hi Guys,

    I have various winter work boots that have great tread for icy/snowy conditions -BUT- as soon as I take a step inside, or onto a barn cement floor, they become deathly slippery.
  19. Has Everyone Seen the Youtube video of Evention "Dressage Skillz"

    You will pee your pants :-)
  20. I am REALLY impressed by people who have the...

    I am REALLY impressed by people who have the skills to do something like this! I hem my pants with masking tape…….

    The high neck sheets sound like the way to go, or the turtleneck.
  21. Getting a Turnout Sheet That Doesn't Gape @ the Neck & Let All the Rain In

    I have two horses with different shoulder/withers conformation. One has high, thin withers due to ageing, and the other has no withers.

    I have two schneiders blankets and they both gape open and...
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    Can someone please post a youtube link to a wp...

    Can someone please post a youtube link to a wp horse that is doing the correct, AQHA-approved, head above the withers gaits?

    I am curious to see what it looks like when its right.

    In all the wp...
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    fig-newtons were always my life saver, becuz its...

    fig-newtons were always my life saver, becuz its so easy to shove a pill inside and the horses gobble them up. But then I tried to use fig-newtons for prasend, and it only worked for a few weeks. ...
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    You have to have a "set back" hitch. The trailer...

    You have to have a "set back" hitch. The trailer shops carry them, and probably RV shops too. I have a short bed and I wouldn't want to pull my gooseneck with out it. Then there is almost no...
  25. Blankets/Sheets that avoid belly strap surcingles with T-hooks

    So I don't like to stand out in the rain and the dark, leaning down under the horse's belly to fiddle with T-hooks….

    So far I've only found one blanket/sheet that uses snaps for the surcingles,...
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