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    Can't speak for the timing, but there are only a...

    Can't speak for the timing, but there are only a couple times a year when Ariat paddock boots for men are reasonable. Maybe fewer. If my current boots haven't worn out yet, I buy the ones on sale...
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    puppetry good, play not so much

    We saw the play in NYC about a year ago. As others have said, the mastery of the puppetry is amazing. But personally the novelty wore off after a while and the play itself didn't carry the day. Not...
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    Thanks for all the information, everyone. I will...

    Thanks for all the information, everyone. I will certainly make use of it.
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    horses and san francisco?

    I may have a job opportunity in San Francisco. We now live in NC and have 2 horses. Can anyone tell me what owning/boarding in the general bay area is like? BTW, I don't know anything about CA...
  5. Thread: Any ideas?

    by Pferd51

    Any ideas?

    It seems that 3 horses at our barn (2 are our horses, and 1 is another boarder) did something or ate something last Thursday that sensitized them so that when they are given grain they get bellyaches...
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    I would feel really ripped off to pay that and...

    I would feel really ripped off to pay that and get a ride that short. The closest hunt club to us has various lengths of rides. The shortest one is about 4-5 miles. The longer ones are 10-15 miles....
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    Don't get to read many horse-related papers, so OK

    Genetic studies of descent through the maternal line is always done with mitochondrial DNA, since it's passed to progeny in the ovum. So there isn't any reason to claim that his studies are needed to...
  8. Going along with the coastal angle, I think that...

    Going along with the coastal angle, I think that the concept that horses can be ridden outside of rings or designed courses will gradually fade in the crowded areas. You can't miss what you never...
  9. wouldn't be the same here

    Could probably only find that many men in one town who ride in the West, and it would all be Western.
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    quit relying on labels

    My wife and I had a similar muddle. I've decided that the only thing you can do is quit using a simple term to describe what you want. Judge the horse against what you want. Then it doesn't matter...
  11. it isn't even fitness, is it?

    Not sure exactly how fitness works into water loss and need for hydration. Some people might argue that sweating more is an important fitness adaptation to allow you to exert yourself more. More...
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    still not sure

    I was told that using the keepers caused the bridle to exert pressure under some circumstances, and that the rider could choose to make use of it (use keepers) or not (no keepers).

    Which brings...
  13. Will fancy Ariat zippers work better than the old ones?

    Just saw an ad for the Ariat Volant Collection. The zipper sweeps down from the top outside of the boot to the top of the arch. It is flanked by red so that it stands out. Very fancy. I would think...
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    Come on, you guys.

    You can dump on guys all you want, but I'm pretty sure we would not have had this explosion of posts. We might debate fitness, but plump vs skinny is a female argument. It is revealing to see how...
  15. one person in NC

    Not sure what the health issues are--some people have a lot more trouble with allergies in the Southeast. Geography can make a big difference; there are the areas which have red clay and those which...
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    Wasn't there supposed to be . . .

    an announcement of some huge Parelli breakthrough at the WEG? Forgive me if this has been discussed already--I totally missed it. Anyway, what was it?
  17. Probably more like Borat.

    Probably more like Borat.
  18. now here's something that's worth commenting on

    "Engaging an animal communicator is like going down to see Madam Rue (you, the Gypsy with the gold tatoo)"

    Sorry, the lyric is "the Gypsy with the gold-capped tooth".
    This is much more important...
  19. hooray!

    When it gets this cold, you don't have to feel stupid for living in the South and buying winter riding clothes for the 1-2 weeks it's usually cold enough to use them.
  20. doesn't exist just yet

    The pictures must be of mockups, because it says at the bottom that samples won't be available until september of this year. That accounts for the photoshopped picture.

    It also accounts for them...
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    Happens all the time

    very similar to married male professor/female graduate student or postdoc affairs. Also common enough not to be noteworthy. Never underestimate the power of admiration/being admired in fostering...
  22. LeBron it is

    Sorry to have been so obscure. It's actually quite gratifying to so easily find people who didn't know what I was talking about.
  23. farewell

    at least she didn't have a 1 hour special on ESPN
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    Stupendous discovery!

    I have found out what the secret is! Every horse in training needs to have a companion horse. If the horse in training does not do what it is supposed to, a piece of the companion horse is cut off...
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    Behold the lurkers! Let it be known that a lurker...

    Behold the lurkers! Let it be known that a lurker need not explain that they are a lurker before expressing an opinion. Nobody careth.
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