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    Farm Planning-What do you want to know?

    I've read a few books recently that talk about planning horse farms and being a good steward of the natural environment. To me they have been good, yet basic books geared towards newbies.

    I was...
  2. Middle aged horse with puffy legs, normal?

    My very much loved 15yo mare has been perplexing me with this very small issue for the past couple of weeks:
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    Article on "reading" horse's saliva/foam?

    I'm looking for an article/diagram I saw a few years in a magazine- it was very clear/good on the quality of foam when riding dressage (too much foam, dripping with no foam, etc). I tried searching...
  4. Why that solution/scrub/ointment/cream on that cut/abrasion/laceration.

    My horse recently decided I wasn't nearly as up-to-date in the Caring For Pasture Injuries in the Horse as I should be. In researching for the ongoing test that is life I have come across a large...
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    Exselle saddles-spring tree?

    About a year ago I purchased an exselle debut. Lovely saddle, I love riding in it, horse goes wonderfully in it even though it is a little wide for her (I do use a half pad).

    As the saddle and...
  6. Lead change help for horse that has yet to get it

    My horse is 13 and has yet to get her changes down. She has done a few here and there, so I know it is possible, and she shouldn't have any conformation/serious canter quality issues to impede her. I...
  7. 100+ ways to make your pony miserable on the way to making it a better equine citizen

    OK, I hope you got the tongue in cheek humor.

    I'm really talking about things horses don't initially like, and you do them and they become nicer and easier to have around.

    Such as rustling a...
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    Good Event/Dressage trainers in eastern wa?

    I'm graduating from college this spring and starting to look for jobs around the state, with the hopes of finding something in eastern Washington. I'm from the west side and I've been enjoying my...
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    With my dog I taught him "Out" for many things,...

    With my dog I taught him "Out" for many things, out of rooms, out of the way, etc. It translated well to the arena.

    At my new barn I wanted him to stay in the corner of the indoor while I road....
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    Wow, those videos are scary!

    Wow, those videos are scary!
  11. Thanks for all the good ideas, guys! He has...

    Thanks for all the good ideas, guys!

    He has very good obedience so far. Has never been to a class or anything, but he's wonderful and easy in a new environment. I've clicker trained him, so he...
  12. Training a dog to act protective (because he won't be naturally)

    My dog is your basic friendly lab/bc mix. I never made a big deal about people arriving to give him something to think about, and I did my best to socialize him. He isn't at all questioning of people...
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    Poll: A friend texted me once that a horse she sort of...

    A friend texted me once that a horse she sort of knew from my area, and that I really knew from my area, turned up at her barn after leaving the area to see if her trainer wanted to buy it.

  14. She's been in one when we've gone schooling,...

    She's been in one when we've gone schooling, might help back at home the next time we jump in the field.

    Now I'm thinking of what she would like like with out the running..... :eek:
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    I'm having a hard time imagining the owner's...

    I'm having a hard time imagining the owner's being the "littering" type with their sense of humor.

    Littering to mean to keep the dog unspayed and get babies every time the opportunity arises.
  16. The horse might as well be broke to death on the...

    The horse might as well be broke to death on the flat she listens to half halts so well. I like riding on the flat, but riding her more on the flat isn't going to slow her down XC.

    Her balance is...
  17. The bit for the horse that's easy on the flat....

    .... but a little "excited" when they go XC.

    I have a 12yo Conn/TB mare. Sensitive, but not easily offended (if that makes sense?). Pretty fun/easy/broke to death on the flat. No complaints, she...
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    Thanks for the discussion, Folks. By notable...

    Thanks for the discussion, Folks.

    By notable it was meant someone much better and wiser than me. Very vague.

    I have a running for my horse, I bought it when she was in a barn sour stage and...
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    Standing vs Running martingales

    I was told that if "notable" horsemen had their way, running martingales would be done away with, because standing martingales are better since they don't act on the bit/horses mouth.

    I'm just...
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    Adding a second dog

    I lived in an apartment last year with three other people who have since graduated and moved on. My dog and I are staying in the same apartment, and I found three new roommates, all from the barn...
  21. Well, he sounds like a sweet husband :).

    Well, he sounds like a sweet husband :).
  22. I like to bring my dog to the barn. He is very...

    I like to bring my dog to the barn. He is very quiet/low energy, with good basic obedience. He gets a bit bored however, because he either sits in corner behind the mounting block (indoor arena with...
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    Thanks, everyone!

    Thanks, everyone!
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    Hand position, effect on carriage, etc.

    I'm wondering about hand/arm position, specifically when it's OK to have low/wide hands that differentiate from hands that are above/slightly in front of the withers, a straight line from elbow,...
  25. I got to WSU and board in Pullman. I haven't...

    I got to WSU and board in Pullman. I haven't found any event trainers in Pullman, but this summer I am working at a farm 40 minutes away that is an event focused place, but doesn't board.

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