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    Yes! These are amazing inventions. My horse paws...

    Yes! These are amazing inventions. My horse paws in the trailer so much so that he dug up the glued rubber floor! A friend suggested getting two old bits and getting a strap and strapping them round...
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    I've just bought a set of professionals choice...

    I've just bought a set of professionals choice fly boots which are fleece lined and awesome!! Not sure if they are what you are wanting in terms of protection but boy they work wonders for the flies!
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    Help, where is my lovely horse?!

    Have owned current horse for 3 years - very quiet absolute darling to do anything with no vices etc.
    Come the last 6 months-ish... He has changed dramatically. Ok to ride at home but as soon as he...
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    Personalising a pair of gloves??

    A young friend of mine won a major award a fewonyhs ago and I thought it'd be nice to send her a little gift and card as a congratulatory thing... I think im going to get black roeckl vesta gloves as...
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    Lucinda green as an instructor

    I'm not even an eventer but recently I watched coverage of lucinda giving lessons to groups of various abilities starting from very green young horses.. I was totally impressed by her teaching, and...
  6. Australians - What is the most 'horsey' state?

    I'm thinking of moving to Australia in the near future, and I was wondering where the most heavily concentrated area of equestrians are? I'd like to move to Sydney as it has the most career...
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    Stretches for a horse while at a show

    I was recently at a horse show where I noticed in the early morning when the horses were brought out from their stables, in addition to a good walk around the showgrounds, the grooms were...
  8. Equine herpes virus type 1 (EHV-1) experiences

    Hi all
    Here in New Zealand we've very recently had an introduction and outbreak of EHV1, authorities are saying it's "contained" at the moment but I was just wondering if anyone had any experiences...
  9. At what stage does the stud girth get scratches

    I have a friend who does the hunters that swears that if the horse is jumping properly ie not over it's shoulder then there should be no need for a stud girth.. I disagree as I've worked with Grand...
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    Veredus magnetik 4 hour boots

    Has anyone used these before? Just bought a pair for a horse with an old tendon injury as a preventative measure... Pretty pricey but so far I'm impressed, love the neoprene boot vs the thick...
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    Equestrian TV

    Hi guys,
    just wondering if we can compile a list of horsey TV shows for a rainy day

    *The Carl Hester & Charlotte Dujardin one - what's the name??
    * Team Fredericks In Control
    * Horsepower -...
  12. It's been nearly a week since he was put to sleep...

    It's been nearly a week since he was put to sleep but I'm not coping well, a lot of people are saying it wasn't my fault but I can't help but think "if only I just did things properly he would still...
  13. The horse has been put to sleep with the guidance...

    The horse has been put to sleep with the guidance of a vet. I am devastated, I will never forgive myself for this
    Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it :)
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    Nike Training Club is a free app on your phone...

    Nike Training Club is a free app on your phone and is PHENOMENAL!
  15. I know my title was 'not looking for advice' but...

    I know my title was 'not looking for advice' but trust me when I say I truly deeply appreciate every single one of these posts. This has been a difficult time, and one post mentioned that mother is...
  16. Yes he's been on antibiotics I'm not sure of the...

    Yes he's been on antibiotics I'm not sure of the names but they were strong ones according to the vet
  17. I feel so guilty, not looking for advice just need to share

    Gosh I feel so guilty I just need to let it off my chest. Essentially my moms horse will be put to sleep and it's my fault

    Two weeks ago I had tacked up my horse and he was standing on the gateway...
  18. Watching the horse you sold with it's new owner...

    Recently sold a mega talented young pony to the loveliest people. He doesn't want for anything in his new home, and is spoiled rotten. However, it makes me sad to see him with his new rider as he has...
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    Which GPA... so many choices...

    I'm in the market for a new showing helmet... The KEP looks nice but is out of my price range so it's GPA for me...
    Which one though?? I've had a titium before & liked that but these other newer...
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    Trainer recommends I 'take up a new sport'

    Semi BNR/BNT recommended that I find another sport after I expressed my concern at my lack of 'feel' for jumping after 15 years riding. Not sure what I want to achieve by posting this, just felt I...
  21. Sorry, I should have noted that I didn't compose...

    Sorry, I should have noted that I didn't compose that story. If whoever does own copyright to it, could please post it themselves I think it's something people would love to see as it's a beautiful...
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    What is the reason for braiding?

    The traditional reason - where/why did braiding originate?
  23. For the fashion savvy... what's 'in' at the moment?

    Call me shallow if you want, but I want to know what's in fashion in the H/J circuits at the moment. What are all the big names using/wearing/whatever?
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    Gel/Foam riser pads

    I have a bates caprilli which is a perfect fit aside from the fact that it's sitting too low on her wither, especially when I get into the saddle. I can't take the gullet any narrower (Is narrow at...
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    Wow, I googled the symptoms of Lyme disease [as...

    Wow, I googled the symptoms of Lyme disease [as I've never had anything to do with it] and A LOT of the symptoms fit - lethargy, muscle soreness, stiffness, behavioural changes, unusual sensitivity,...
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