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    Michigan Hunt

    There are only 3 hunts in our home State of Michigan, and I do not know which one might be closest to your home. My wife and I hunt with Metamora, we are between Detroit and Flint.

    I encourage you...
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    Constant Effort

    Like most Hunts, we feel challenged by the task of keeping our membership growing. We have done a couple of things the past few years that have made our community more aware of us:

    We spent some...
  3. He, He. I say at no one's expense, but in good...

    He, He. I say at no one's expense, but in good fun that you fellow foxhunters from VA and down south give me a little laugh when you talk about how cold it gets during your hunts! Here in Michigan,...
  4. Have fun!! We are already a month into our formal...

    Have fun!! We are already a month into our formal season and may see some snow for our hunt this Saturday!
  5. Hooked on Hunting

    You can tell if your horse is hooked on hunting if he looks like this leaving every meet:

    Have fun and keep...
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    I started riding at age 50. Started hunting at...

    I started riding at age 50. Started hunting at age 55. I'm in my 8th season now and cannot even think about my life without foxhunting!

    My big QH is now 18 and he and I do need a little extra...
  7. Hunter Pace

    Our Hunt puts on a Fun Hunter Pace each year. We have a fastest time and an optimum time division. Our course is different each year and is usually 6-7 miles through our hunt country. The optimum...
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    New Members

    We make a pretty enthusiastic effort each year to recruit new members. We host a fox hunting clinic that includes some classroom time as well as a mounted clinic for beginners. We have also been able...
  9. Hound collars

    Our hounds go out with radio finder collars on each hunt. Much of our hunt territory is covered with heavy woods and brush with creeks, lakes, and the Flint river mixed in. County roads break this...
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    Peter Gilles

    The Metamora Hunt Boxing Day photos were taken by Peter Gilles. Peter is a long time Metamora resident and a very talented photographer. He has attended our meets for several years and has a fabulous...
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    More Boxing Day photos

    Great photos! I thought that folks might enjoy the photos of our Boxing Day meet by Peter Gilles:
    We had a lovely blue sky day and no snow on...
  12. Christmas cheer

    You have my sympathy! I offer a little Christmas cheer in the form of some wonderful photos by Metamora Hunt member Peter Gilles. I hope that his wonderful images help with your case of foxhunting...
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    We hunt in some pretty cold weather here in...

    We hunt in some pretty cold weather here in Michigan. My wife, who is also a regular in the hunt field, and I buy toe warmers by the case.

    We find them most effective in loose boots, on top of...
  14. On their hard drive

    About a year ago my saintly 16yr. old QH had to miss a few hunts because of a hoof abcess. Wouldn't you know it, the hunt the week before he was due to get his shoe back on was at the farm right next...
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    Give him a chance to see trouble

    Keeping a safe distance behind the horse in front of your is very important. I was taught that you should be able to see the rear heels of the horse that you are following at all times. This of...
  16. You bet. Willie, my wife's horse of a lifetime...

    You bet. Willie, my wife's horse of a lifetime was a 15'2 QH that she bought off the knacker's outlot several years ago. We never were able to trace his history, but it was clear that he was trained...
  17. Thread: Kennel Fox

    by Hotspur

    Kennel Fox

    Finally! Today was our first day of cubbing. We very early (7am meet time) few met at the Hunt kennels and enjoyed a relatively cool (low 60's) hunt that provided good sport and a good experience for...
  18. Wire Cutter Source

    A good pair of wire cutters would always be on his saddle if you were to choose them as a gift. Here is a great affordable source that you can use online and they will ship to you in just about 2...
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    Your friend the Hunt member is giving you...

    Your friend the Hunt member is giving you excellent advice. It's wonderful that you have an interest in getting out hunting, but it is most sensible that you make your first efforts on an experienced...
  20. ethernet connection

    Yes, I believe that the group dynamic is perhaps the most challenging lesson for new horses and riders. I have to admit that I'm still suprised when my 17 year old QH, who has been...
  21. Good for you and your saintly horses!! My wife...

    Good for you and your saintly horses!! My wife and I have been hosting weekly trail rides for Metamora Hunt this spring and summer and they have been well attended. We see the benifit of getting...
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    Sticky: Metamora Hunt Trail Rides

    For those of you in Michigan: Please come and join us!

    Will leave from the Hunt kennels on Barber Rd. Dates and times:
    Sunday, May 8th. at 3pm.
    Saturday, May 14th....
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    Metamora Area

    Your choice of housing location will have a great deal to do with what would be reasonably available to you for an eventing barn and a regular trainer. If you choose to live in one of the many...
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    Albion Kontrol

    I have been Eventing and Hunting the past 6 years in an Albion Kontrol and I just love it! This model has a deep seat and generous flaps, but I still easily get out of the saddle to gallop.

  25. I think that a call to the Hunt's Secretary will...

    I think that a call to the Hunt's Secretary will dispell any of your concerns about what tack you select. I would think that your hosts are most concerned that you have a safe and enjoyable day on...
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