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    New South Wales: Horse shooting horror

    THEY heard the shots shortly before eight on Monday night.

    But Marulan pensioners Jack and Julie Webb didn’t discover the true extent of the horror until the following morning.

    They found four...
  2. Mystery of horse taming 'solved' by gene study

    Horses were domesticated 6,000 years ago on the grasslands of Ukraine, southwest Russia and west Kazakhstan, a genetic study shows.

    Domestic horses then spread across Europe and Asia, breeding...
  3. Smuggled horses in West Texas found to be diseased

    U.S. Border Patrol agents recently seized 10 adult horses and four yearlings as they attempted to enter Texas illegally by walking across the Rio Grande River near Indian Hot Springs, in southern...
  4. may be they fear to increase the tumor in stomach...

    may be they fear to increase the tumor in stomach too
  5. 13-Kg Tumor Removed From Uterus Of Horse

    Hospital Performs Rare Surgical Operation

    In an unprecedented event, the Kuwait Veterinary Hospital for Horses managed to perform a rare surgical operation lasting 3 hours to remove a tumor...
  6. Drought brings outbreak of horse disease

    Agriculture officials in Arkansas and Louisiana have warned veterinarians to watch for signs of a potentially fatal horse disease if there's another drought this year.

    The disease is often called...
  7. Thoroughbred Race Horses All Traced to One 17th-Century Mare

    All the great names in thoroughbred horse racing — from Secretariat to Man O’War, from Seabiscuit to Seattle Slew — they’re all related, and a team of geneticists has now traced their talent for...
  8. UK: Financial strain leads owners to abandon horses in skyrocketing numbers

    The impact of the financial crisis has been felt by businesses and individuals across the country, but now it appears to be taking a devastating toll on Britain's horse population.

    Feeling the...
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