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  1. Poll: I like ribbons and prizes. If you look at the...

    I like ribbons and prizes.
    If you look at the wall in my office you will find ribbons dating back to my first hunter round on a school horse as a 10 year old (i'm 33).

    Maybe it's silly /...
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    It's interesting to think of fees as a tax rate -...

    It's interesting to think of fees as a tax rate - a 200% tax rate...

    They are effectively pushing the little guy out of rated competition. I cannot justify that kind of cost for 5 minutes in...
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    Rehab after laminitis, no founder

    Hi all,
    Just looking for some input on my bringing my horse back to work after a bout of mechanical laminitis and his subsequent time off.

    History in a nutshell:

    Horse had mechanical...
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    I can commiserate.

    Came upon this post and can commiserate with the expense aspect of pet ownership. It's been a rough year for me vet bill wise, my dog was diagnosed with pulomary hypertension in March 2013 after...
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    I grew up in Union County and have ridden all...

    I grew up in Union County and have ridden all over Northern/Central NJ. Watchung stables is right off of 78 in Summit... I personally would have reservations about boarding there, but it might be...
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    should be alright

    If it's a local GMO schooling show your dark breeches should be OK. I would check the omnibus or website, mostly to see if they specifically prohibit them.

    As long as you are neat and put...
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    dq judge

    About 2 weeks after I lost my mare to a freak accident, I did a schooling show, I had signed up for before her death, on a really green horse that I had never ridden before (switched to Intro, was...
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    Keeping the lbs on an IR horse.

    Hi All,

    Looking for some advice – my horse tested positive for IR in September.
    Changes so far:
    -T/O in a paddock with sparse/no grass
    -Grain changed to buckeye gro ‘n win
  9. EL... We tested because he is such an easy keeper...

    EL... We tested because he is such an easy keeper and started to get a bit of a cresty neck during this past summer. We have had lots of rain up here in the NE so the grass has been unbelievable...
  10. IR newbie - advice needed for recently diagnosed horse.

    Hi all, I got the results of my 8 year old Cleveland bay geldings *insulin resistance test today. *He is a 40.99 and the high range of the normal range is 40. *
    Please talk me off my ledge! *
  11. I defintely meant 18 mm...sorry for the Typo!!

    I defintely meant 18 mm...sorry for the Typo!!
  12. Sprenger loose ring: 10mm or 20mm, difference?

    All, I am shopping for a new bit and was advised to pick up a Sprenger. I am looking at the loose ring snaffle.

    Has anyone noticed a significant difference in the 18 mm vs. the 20mm? I am...
  13. Calf skin leathers on County buffalo leather?

    Hi All,

    I have a County Perfection with the buffalo leather...

    I bought the saddle used along with Bates calf-skin stirrup leathers. The woman I bought the saddle from was adamant that I...
  14. thanks!

    Thanks for the information!

    We are considering a property in western Hunterdon Cty, it is not currently farm land assessed. Unfortunately, this county has some of the highest property taxes in...
  15. NJ folks - farmland assessment for horses?

    Hi All,

    We are thinking of looking at a house in the great state of NJ. I grew up there, but in the suburbs. Currently living in PA which is great...but I would love to be closer to work.
  16. Spinoff - how to teach a horse to ground tie

    Hi All, I was reading the thread on why to ground tie and thought I would post here.

    I bought a new gelding in September and have been working on ground tying in the barn aisle. I would like to...
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    Ultimate Finish

    After worming him suffieciently,

    Have you considered a protein supplement, maybe a top dress?

    My TB did wonderfully on Buckeye Ultimate Finish - I believe it to be 25% vegetable protein. I...
  18. Draft cross like horse needs a T/O sheet -

    My draft cross like horse fits well in the Weatherbeeta Taka line of blankets. The shoulder gussets of this style blanket fit him well. I have not had luck finding him a T/O sheet from this same...
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    Quarter sheet for a bubble butt??

    Hi All,

    I have had quite a bit of trouble finding a quarter sheet that covers my CB geldings rather broad hind quarters. This year alone I bought a Dover, a Duratech, and a 3rd nameless brand....
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    Westies are cute but...

    I love my Westie to death...but she is not a dog I would reccommend around horses. The chase drive is way too strong. She is the smartest dog in the world but I cannot get it through her thick...
  21. I have been there.

    As the others have said, you may need to re-evaluate your requirements as well as your budget. Our situations are sort of similar, my job rules my riding schedule. Often I can only ride once a...
  22. Boot socks, hand warmers, little horse themed...

    Boot socks, hand warmers, little horse themed note cards...

    I had a friend that did a horse treat baking mix - she put all of the ingredients in a little x-mas bag measured out according to the...
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    It can be done!

    I am literally working on this exact thing as we speak. My horse is lazy and wants to suck back behind the vertical and mosey around like he has no cares in the world. I have a habit of nagging...
  24. Dressage saddle with half panels for stocky horses


    Does anyone out there have a saddle with half panels? I have a very stocky flat backed gelding and was considering a saddle with this kind of paneling. The manufacturer told me they are...
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    Trying to install forward while staying of the...

    Trying to install forward while staying of the way of my very lazy gelding!
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