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  1. My sister just had one. She too, is...

    My sister just had one. She too, is claustrophobic. Meds were not an option, but me sitting at her head, holding her hand was. I simply vowed to pull her out, bare ass naked if need be, the second...
  2. Ok, I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but...

    Ok, I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but your dream is a:really lofty and b: very broad. You want to ride and compete internationally in dressage at GP, ok, you want to learn to jump and event...
  3. Not sure but

    She looks a lot like the girl that was working for Gloria when I was down there last year. Knows her stuff. Good horses. A lot for them to put up with.
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    It depends.

    If you have no intention of showing, and probably having only another person with you, try to find a used marathon carriage. There are many advantages, and few disadvantages. The wedge seat on mine...
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    If you go to Suzy Staffords website you'll see she has one painted and it's lovely

    Stafford Carriage Driving. I am by no means a turnout expert, however, I agree with what you've said. I'm going to presume your harness is black with stainless (I dislike polish brass as well). ...
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    Save the stud fee

    Sounds like she needs a very good, very patient trainer. You are not that person. Send he to someone that has a good reputation for helping nervous horses relax under saddle. In front of the leg...
  7. It's finally happened..

    I'm speechless.

    OP, when God rained down stupid, he forgot to give you an umbrella.
  8. Just so you know, CARFAX is being sued because,...

    Just so you know, CARFAX is being sued because, it proclaimed to know everything about all cars. Guess what? It doesn't. If I back my car into a light pole and take it to the local body shop and...
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    Thank you. The problem is, people who believe...

    Thank you. The problem is, people who believe that are no longer the "average American". They just happen to be the ones that went out and voted this cycle. Guess the Democratic voters who...
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    Oh my dear..

    I giggled when you said "now that I'm getting older" then said you were late 20's. I have boots older than you that I still wear.

    It doesn't sound crazy to want to rent a barn, hire the ideal...
  11. After a year of employment all our employees are...

    After a year of employment all our employees are eligible for 1 week paid vacation. They can take the week off, or get an extra check. They also get 5 paid sick days. They can, if they don't use...
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    Any other place you can contain him besides a crate?

    I'd opt for that. If not, then ask him to get in the crate, and don't latch the door. Let him back out. Rinse, repeat. Get the biggest crate for him you can find. He may feel, because of his...
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    No. Do I regret this time of year that "home" is not farther south?....

    Oh yes. Yes I do. The dream farm is still a dream. A cold, frigid, 18* dream, but nothing replaces seeing their furry little faces and hearing the "morning mom" whickers before daylight.

  14. They're in their 30's. You don't say how old you are

    But I'll assume younger. As long as it doesn't get physical, just ignore them. Perfect a blank stare. Do not attempt to educate them on anything, as they are clearly either too stupid to learn or...
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    You don't. It's not a western vs. english thing

    Western riders who are "anti" helmet will start wearing helmets when one of two things happen. When the governing showing/competition body makes it a rule (as it is in English disciplines w/the...
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    Sometimes it's hard to be the interviewer. After...

    Sometimes it's hard to be the interviewer. After my former boss hiring a series of stall cleaners that didn't seem to understand the job, my interview process got down to one question. "Can you tell...
  17. The gelding would do everything I asked once I...

    The gelding would do everything I asked once I explained how handsome he looked doing "the big trot". The mare would go "nanananananican'thearyou"
  18. Thread: Frey Stingray

    by 2ndyrgal

    I have a Kutzman and I love it

    It's a cob size that converts from single to pair (one of these days) and it drives and handles like a dream. I got a wonderful deal on it, and one of the things I like is that it is very easy to...
  19. Thread: Frey Stingray

    by 2ndyrgal

    To be fair to Frey....

    Sterling's Stingray was a prototype demo. That said, the axle fractured several inches in from the wheel. When the vehicle was back and up on the trailer to head home, Sterling pointed out that the...
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    Corgis aren't "small dogs" they're short dogs....

    With long backs. That said, I have no doubt that a Corgi could keep up with you if it chose to. But.... Corgis, when tired, simply just stop, and lay down. No amount of cajoling, begging or...
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    I'll play

    I have a 20 year old cob style cross who is an absolutely dead made driving horse. Made. Started throwing her right shoulder into the shafts on the turns and no amount of asking for bend (and I...
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    A hound whip is your friend

    Get one. Practice, riff him across the nose then across the ass as he turns to leave. Added bonus is you can use it from horseback. We have a neighborhood pitt-mix, seems harmless but was eyeballing...
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    Yes, we landscaped. Extensively. Beautiful. ...

    Yes, we landscaped. Extensively. Beautiful. Pain in the A** to maintain. We are currently mowing over and ripping stuff out as it's just to hard to keep up with the weeding. Looks great but add...
  24. Yep, this. over and over and over and.....

    Yep, this.

    over and over and over and.....
  25. Quiet grace you have Tamara

    And incredible strength. I cannot begin to imagine and it scares me if I wonder "what if?" Could I even begin to cope as you have? Would I be there as you have for children and employees, or would...
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