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  1. do away with all jumping?

    Let's et honest about this:lol:; doing away with all:eek: jumping phases would be the safest!:sadsmile:
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    I did

    I did with my best horse when I was competing, with lots of trailering; at some point I cobbled together the money for major medical; well timed , when a chip broke off in her ankle; I could...
  3. I would try to find an osteopath; also medical...

    I would try to find an osteopath; also medical acupuncturist; also a few Feldenkrais sessions to help you move better With a support team like that, plus the right instructor:winkgrin: you should...
  4. I, too, consider you kind and a respecter of...

    I, too, consider you kind and a respecter of all life:) we rescued 3 who, had been blown from a nest! with the love of our mother and 3 10 year old children; they flourished and grew to be...
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    [QUOTE=stoicfish;8081530]It is, and yet if you...

    [QUOTE=stoicfish;8081530]It is, and yet if you look at the major foal auctions you will see a trend of the dressage foals going for more then the jumpers. do you mean European?[?:confused:QUOTE]
  6. It does all add up doesn't it? :mad: that said...

    It does all add up doesn't it? :mad: that said when I went there for the first time in'89, the courses were bold :winkgrin:and galloping, the ;people wonderfully friendly:yes:; it was my first...
  7. for biomechanics fans! LOOK AT THE muscling on this horses' hind leg

    praise the L ord! So glad you are feeling strong and well; though , it may take a bit longer for the effects of the anesthesia the to wear off; so glad, too; that the pain is gone;:yes::) you...
  9. call the vet first!

    call the vet first!
  10. could you draw up a list of activities :)which...

    could you draw up a list of activities :)which must be checked off before going to a show? the trimming must crrtainlt bu do, ny you or somepne but, a good 30 mintes/ day des more for the coat...
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    thanks for the tips!

    thank you al for the tips:) BOT has so many products, I don't know where to start:winkgrin:
  12. bloated? acupressure point, back lifts with towel

    Is he gassy? What happens when he walks? If gassy, There is an acupressure point for gas; wrapping your hand around the tail, fingers on top; thumb underneath; lifting the tails lightly on...
  13. link to Equus article, please

    :yes: Will someone please send me a link to the Equus article:), please, I had to NOT renew all my horse subscriptions this year YEAR, thanks to this rep payee; I managed to :squirrel...
  14. How about USDF records:confused:?

    How about USDF records:confused:?
  15. no case history?

    That alone would make me walk:yes:, The horse I knew best; was on a farm where had my horses; he was advertised in the COTH as a giveaway with a slight mechanical problem; of course they, my...
  16. Why?

    S you like this horse because you like him; or,because you like
    his training?.
    Just for reference you can get OTTBs around here for under $10k, sometimes even under $1,00; you're bidding...
  17. How would surgery help collection:confused:? If...

    How would surgery help collection:confused:? If that were true, you can bet everyone would be having it done; another red / blue/ greenish:eek: flag for sure
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    I have a great deal of respect :):yes:for PDs' ...

    I have a great deal of respect :):yes:for PDs' selling her to the eq and hunter rings
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    I , too found it helped sciatica, though not...

    I , too found it helped sciatica, though not the arthritis which is everywhere;

    Perhaps a" Centered Riding" instructor could give you some exercises to get you balanced over your seatbones and...

    sounds suspicious to me;:eek: What professional would import a Tb, and from where as an FEI prospect?..

    he was originally imported for a professional as an FEI prospect. She rode him...
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    sciatica. yes, but, not general, everywhwhere arthritisthritis

    It depends on the source of the pain, I, too, found it very:) helpful for sciatica; but, would imagine that would not be true for all back pain:no:
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    fractured sacum anyone?

    About a month ago, I tried to walk from my bed to my wheelchair; stupid idea, I know ; since I am in a wheelchair 24/7' as miht be expected, I did not make it:no:and had a crahing fall; as...
  23. not much success here

    Have you tried to pick out his hind feet:confused:? how do you feel on him? I'm afraid the two I have known of, did not "make up"
    ] as new owners had hoped, one to be a foxhunter; the other a...
  24. Pure Denny,Denny video " the right canter" Pure Denny, describe Pure Denny, descr

    Pure Denny:),Denny video " the right canter" Pure Denny, , describe accurately and concisely the root of the problem and then give exercises to work on it
  25. OTOH

    I found that my first 3 day horse, Merf stayed quite fit on serious flat work, c. circa 45 minutes on a circle; that kept him fit:) that plus a good 45 minutes on trail, at trot/ canter kept...
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