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  1. My Mountain Pearl baby

    Bartholomew Fair - RIDSH
    Mountain Pearl x Juanita Belle (TB)

    I never post but lurk a lot and couldn't resist showing off my boy when I saw MP mentioned...

    Bart was foaled the year before MP...
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    HB classes are a lot harder to find in the...

    HB classes are a lot harder to find in the midwest, but not impossible.

    However, you are in luck! There is Hunter Breeding at the show at the NEC - Lake St. Louis this coming week. Classes...
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    Classic Equine Equipment is great...

    We built 3 - 12x16 stalls into an old barn we rehabbed for horses and had Classic build the front grills, divider grills and big 8' x 8' sliding doors,...
  4. Thanks for replies, especially the link to the...

    Thanks for replies, especially the link to the previous thread. I should have found that myself!

    Unfortunately it seems like experiences are pretty evenly split on the sand over clay for an...
  5. Building New Indoor Arena - more questions

    I posted earlier this summer asking for size recommendations for a new indoor arena. We have finalized the building contract (72' x 120' x 16' Morton building) and will start construction in a few...
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    Thanks for all the responses!

    I appreciate the input from everybody - thanks all for the good advice.

    IslandGirl, your place is fabulous! Maybe I'll just come live with you! Just lovely!

    we are in Northeast Missouri and...
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    Thanks everybody for your input. I was thinking...

    Thanks everybody for your input. I was thinking of 70x125x16, hopefully that will be affordable. It sounds like it will be satisfactory for my uses...

    Are wood-frame structures less expensive...
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    How big an indoor?

    I am in the process of planning an indoor arena (woo-hoo!) and am trying to figure out what size is optimum. It is for my own personal use only, so it doesn’t need to be big enough for group lessons...
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    My Mountain Pearl baby

    I have a MP three year old gelding out of my TB mare, from when he was in Iowa. I gave her a year off as I don't have room for a foal every year and was hugely disappointed to find out that MP had...
  10. I'm pretty sure my Genesis 340 manufactured in...

    I'm pretty sure my Genesis 340 manufactured in November 2006 is aluminum over steel. Maybe I ought to go crawl under it and check. Interesting that they changed to all-aluminum. What year is the...
  11. my Kieffer experiences

    I have a 2006 Genesis 340 which I bought new in December 2006, special ordered to my exact specs! Saved all my life for this trailer! Paid Cash!

    I researched pretty hard before buying. I live...
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    Fizzy, please check your PMs -

    Fizzy, please check your PMs -
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