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    Chronic allergies - affecting eyes

    Okay, I turn to the Cother's in search of allergy support. I have a 5yo standardbred gelding, on 12 hour turnout daily who wears a standard eared flymask when the sun is out or during fly season. ...
  2. Nothing on the alpha omega site, unfortunately. ...

    Nothing on the alpha omega site, unfortunately. I also am new, and don't know who the "usual suspects" would be. lol. Seriously, if your hubby had gotten any of us, I probably would have purchased...
  3. I'm 5'4" and about 150#. I have a 16.3 mw tb and...

    I'm 5'4" and about 150#. I have a 16.3 mw tb and a 15.0 mw lipizzan. They both fit beautifully in her Kieffer Wein. LOVE this saddle, love how it fits on the horses. The lipi was professionally...
  4. oh bummer. I thought I saw several cameras...

    oh bummer. I thought I saw several cameras there. I was rather hoping to have been able to see some pics. darn. lol.

    Good job on your ride!
  5. photos

    great photos!! Do you know who shot them? I'd like to see if any of ours are up. Thanks!
  6. Gosh, I could use some too, I go through...

    Gosh, I could use some too, I go through safe-choice pretty quick. I'm.. right around the corner from you Jen (Naples, NY).

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    need advice - arena footing malady

    Okay, let me paint the picture for you. I live in the Finger Lakes area in upstate NY, where the glaciers cut valleys that turned into lakes with enormous ridges on either side. I live on the top of...
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    mw blankets

    if they're both still avaialble, I'd love to give the 75" and the 78" Mid weights a home. I have a need for both of them and could certainly get them repaired, cleaned and on two lovely horses, one...
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    it really depends on what kind of use he's had and waht kind of shoeing. If he's been shown and put in scotch bottom shoes? There is documented proof they cause bone and joint issues. If he's not...
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    I worked my way through college. It took a touch...

    I worked my way through college. It took a touch over five years. I was lucky in that my parents owned land, and I could keep my horse there. He was retiring pretty much the time I was in the...
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    Yeah. Don't get me started. :-)

    *points* SHE got me hooked on stbs. I have two, one bonehead I adopted (who was about nothing like how he was portrayed on their site) and one I was given. The...
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    for those interested in adoption.. I'd really REALLY recommend New Vocations or going with SPHO and finding one through there - lots come up that have to be placed. I adopted from.. another...
  13. stbs - YAY!!

    Okay, so I have to confess. I've always been an ottb kinda gal. We've had a few we've retrained, rehabbed and whatever else, but my dear friend NowThatsATrot sorta roped me in.. hook, line and...
  14. papers

    The mare seems to have questionable soundness issues from an obvious injury in a hind leg, cribs, possibly could be dealing with ulcers. She was listed (on COTH) as a broodmare. So yeah, the papers...
  15. bits

    I would be very interested in the bits. I am retraining my 12 yo percheron stallion for dressage and very low level eventing and we are very limited with the types of bits we have up here. Are they...
  16. free percheron

    I'm thinking you're meaning BELGIAN, who are the strawberry roan/sorrel drafts. They're the only draft that comes in a 'red' gene like that. The clydes can have some red to them especially the...
  17. she's got facial and leg markings but I wouldn't...

    she's got facial and leg markings but I wouldn't say it's terribly unique. Funny thing webmistress - that's EXACTLY what I was thinking when she said "I'll mail them to you."

    *the check is in...
  18. supposedly the previous owner (again, this is the...

    supposedly the previous owner (again, this is the information I was given) had told the barn owner to "put the horse down" as they no longer wanted to deal with her but then agreed to allow the barn...
  19. coggins

    yeah, I did the coggins here. After waiting a week, I got panicky and just had my vet do it. What's a $35 charge in comparison, right? But it's really the principle of the thing. I'm a little...
  20. my drive

    I'm about 50 miles to work, takes an hour each way.
  21. What would you do - papers not coming?

    Okay. So, we picked up a horse from a barn in another state about a month ago. The horse was listed as free to good home, apparently abandoned by owner who owed back board. I was told "coggins was...
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    trailering drafts

    Hey there, I know how frustrating it can be. We have percheron, and I have to say, ours all load great. However!! My lipi mare, used to load great until her previous owner bought a brand new...
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    worst test

    I was in pony club for all of about 6 months when I was about 17 years old. I had a fantastic schoolmaster who'd been doing open level 3 prior to being placed with me. We were showing open level 2...
  24. I do the same. I hop on a curb (I should preface...

    I do the same. I hop on a curb (I should preface this by saying my balance on the ground SUCKS but on a horse it's usually decent) and as I'm trying to keep my balance walking along a 4" curb I...
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    They CAN'T. Simple as that.. canNOT. NOT allowed. OMG I'm so ready for spring...
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