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    Thanks Bluey ``` I've given eventgroupie2 the Zu Zu shoulder surgery cliff notes ~

    Thanks Bluey `` don't worry I've given the Zu Zu shoulder surgery cliff notes to eventgroupie2 ``````:D:winkgrin:
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    Thanks alto ~

    Thank you alto :D ...
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    JoZ ~ Thanks for the 'shout out' ~

    JoZ ~ thanks for missing me :D
    :eek:... just poor time management of sorts :lol: is keeping me from the forums.

    I hope to be back onboard soon ... like next week ... I'll catch up :winkgrin:...
  4. Thank You Cothers and a Re-cap Clarification ~

    Thank you Cothers for all your posts ~

    * Please know my thread was meant as a little "tongue in cheek" humor ``( Jesse James without a gun :lol:)

    After $$$ and many vet visits / and the...
  5. OK OK ~ WOW ! Back off everyone ```` I tht 100% markup was high ! lol !

    OK OK WOW !

    Back off everyone !

    I think 100% markup is high :eek::lol:

    I apologize for opening my mouth

    and now I'm headed to the hospital `` to have both my feet surgically...
  6. Some vets are A$$hats ! This one happens to be ``` not because of this price increase

    Smartpak is $33.95

    Valley Vet is $40.00

    Vet was $80.00 * that is a huge markup any way one adds it`

    My comment about his being an a$$shit was not due to this mark up !

    My comment was...
  7. Jesse James has nothing on my vet ``` my vet is a thief without a gun!

    So does anyone else have a vet who just blantantly overcharges for meds


    250 count ` 300mg` tablets of Ranititdine should be about $40.00 :yes:

    or cheaper even at SmartPak $33.95 ...
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    OK so NOW you know and NOW the problem will be corrected ~

    OK so NOW you know and NOW the problem will be corrected and KIWI will feel SO much better soon ~

    and adding Kiwi is blessed to have you for an owner :D

    so you two continue on and follow...
  9. Time to move ~ you'll enjoy the new barn SO much !

    Time to move !

    You will really enjoy your new barn ~

    Just get this worry gone !
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    yes two different vets .. whenever a vet is here

    Yes, one of the first things checked now by two different vets.

    The struggle continues
  11. I'm computer challenged ``` I goofed it somehow !~?? are you mocking me ?

    admitting i'm 'computer challenged' sorry i goof it up somehow :confused:

    ? are you mocking me ? i stand by my opinion .. I don't think Prascend or Peroglide work on all or any Cushings symptoms...
  12. Thanks for this reminder ~ merrygoround ~

    Yes,I'm aware just frustrated with this particular case I'm currently treating ``` a 'special ' mare in my heart ~

    * merrygoround `` thanks for this reminder ~

    for some reason your quote did...
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    Starting Jingles & AO for the Thursday ( tomorrow) scope for KIWI ~

    Starting the 'scope' Jingles & AO for Kiwi ~

    I think tomorrow is Thursday :confused::lol: ~

    Hopefully the scope will discover 'a' small easily treatable ulcer ~

    Thank goodness Kiwi has...
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    Nice ! Enjoyed this news ``Thanks RedMare01

    :D NICE !

    Enjoyed this news ~ thanks RedMare01 !
  15. He is very cute ~ I'm thinking ... will be back ~

    He is very cute !!

    I'm thinking ... I'll be back with some names this evening ~
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    I'll be glad to help ``` do the best I can anyway ~

    I'll be glad to 'help' :D

    I'll do the best I can !
  17. Thread: Barnsby defunct.

    by Zu Zu

    OH ! How very sad ! I love my Barnsby saddles !

    OH! How very sad :no:

    I love my Barnsby saddles ``` one was my mother's and is an antique of 75 years minimum ~

    So disturbing to read this news !
  18. Good Plan `` ReS

    Good plan ReS ! I'll adopt that plan too :D
  19. Yes My first post here rec 'apron' clip ... neither med worked on my Cushings guy

    ReS `` I agree and in my first post here I rec 'apron' clip.

    Sadly, I have had some 'friends' on Pergolide and it has not helped.

    Currently, I have one on Prascend with minimal results ......
  20. Yes ~ Get him tested but Prascend does not always 'help'

    Yes get him tested for Cushings but depending on where you live ~ there is a period of time in which the testing can give a false positive .

    Prascend does not always 'help' ~! IMHO
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    Yes I agree but for the cast part Press 'n Seal would keep the cast itself clean/DRY

    yes I agree but for the cast itself Press 'N Seal would keep that cast clean and DRY !

    perhaps i did not read the OP carefully enough :eek::lol:

    I would not rec plastic on any skin part in the...
  22. I clip the 'apron' clip ```` seems to help my mare ~

    inspite of not too long hair ````

    with our humidity :eek:

    I clip

    the 'apron' clip

    chest and foreleg and neck about to withers ``` helps my old 'CUSHINGS' mare
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    Glad Press "N Seal

    GLAD `` Press 'n Seal !!!!

    for showering with stitches and casts :yes: too !

    keeps dirt off and water out !

    Just remember to fold back / double back the end :eek: for easy removal...
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    Looking in on YOU and your "charges' today ~ hoping life has settled a bit `

    Looking in on you and your 'charges' today ~

    Hoping your life has settled a bit ~
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    Sounds like a good plan ! for ALL !

    :Dsounds like a good plan = the best plan for ALL ! :D
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