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  1. Very important

    I had a preexisting steel barn and for that barn I put up 3/4 inch plywood where ever the horses could reach the steel as when it was built they did not back the steel and it is steel to the...
  2. I think you are all not considering that these...

    I think you are all not considering that these horses are not bred for you and the horses that you might breed are not for the people who want these crosses. There are a number of things that do show...
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    I would even go bigger than 3 times that size. 15...

    I would even go bigger than 3 times that size. 15 feet deep helps a lot with the bugs and even deeper would help more. They need true shade to get relief from the flies. For snow they can do just...
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    The only risk in general with dogs and that...

    The only risk in general with dogs and that general size predator is that spooked horses might run. The damage is done from the senseless running not the killing. The fun for the dogs is getting...
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    Cutaneous Lymphoma

    I have a good friend who went through cutaneous lymphoma treatment with her gelding. She worked with her vet and the University of Minnesota. They did a high dose steroid treatment. He was at the...
  6. teach to yield to pressure

    Horses, and humans too, naturally push into pressure. Consider you are given the end of the rope, told to hang on to the rope , you will sit back and pull to retain your balance. If you are being...
  7. Know yourself

    They are very different breeds and very likely you will not enjoy one and very much enjoy the other. Friesians are pretty(most very) non-reactive. You might find that one of the Friesian crosses...
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    I agree that is bred for more in GB and Paints....

    I agree that is bred for more in GB and Paints. Sport Horse breeders in the US and Canada, if they breed for color, don't then cross them on greys...most want the color to stay not fade away. In GB...
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    Nothing bad

    There is nothing bad in her pedigree. She has a lot of good names there though she hasn't been bred to take advantage of the sport horses in her pedigree as there isn't a lot of line breeding, all...
  10. Fear is doesn't have to be rational....

    Fear is doesn't have to be rational. There is a super Connemara stallion who is in North Carolina and his foals are wonderful
    She has a foal out of...
  11. So far so good

    The stallion here IS over 17 hands and has 11 inches of bone so he is big. We asked the same question when we were looking at him. What type of mares had he seen. He saw nearly all TB mares. The...
  12. There are stallions here. One of the big issues...

    There are stallions here. One of the big issues is there is only a very small market for the offspring and even though it is a much loved breed by the few who use them...most are used for logging and...
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    I had a horse do this on flexions for a vague unsoundness behind. He would rear up and canter off instead of trot off from the release of the flexion...he would not take more thanone step of...
  14. A friend just purchased a tank with semen from a...

    A friend just purchased a tank with semen from a retired breeder. How can you find out if any of the semen is from a positive stallion? I will talk to them about vaccinating the mares using the semen...
  15. On the other hand

    Eventing at the top level is accessable. It is not insane to dream of being a part of a partnership or syndicate that might reach the World Championships, Badminton, Rolex, or the Olympics. Maybe we...
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    Irish Draughts and Irish Draught Sport Horses

    Irish Draughts come in a range of type from very traditional to very warmblood. Temperaments seem to be straight forward and uncomplicated. They are tough and take care of themselves. We have a...
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    I wonder if he ever went for an approval. Thanks for the info we have 10 doses we don't know how to use yet. PatO
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    Thank you...a whole new world.

    Thank you...a whole new world.
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    highly socialized

    When you start off with medical problems that require intense handling what happens is the foals become highly socialized...more like a dog living in a house than a horse living in the barn. This...
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    I saw a registration number for him that started...

    I saw a registration number for him that started with an A so I was assuming he was a section A though I saw taller small horses in his dam side...Arabian blood. Can a horse be registered with an A...
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    Courtash Karnival

    We have gotten semen from Courtash Karnival as part of a package and know nothing about him other than his pedigree. What type of pony is he and what would we look for in a mare to be bred to him. Is...
  22. Thread: 1

    by columbus

    Let's get real.

    She is done with a horse and if the horse is unikely to have a secure and safe future in other hands then she should put her down. Sometime you have a horse that is simply a a breeder...
  23. Thread: Demon Foal?!

    by columbus

    pasture sharks

    First foals can be dangerous so manage the pasture visitors carefully. Pretty soon a two hoofed kick to the face or chest can do damage. I have had all kinds of pasture sharks and the worst are the...
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    Bay My Hero...from a eventing Blue Hen?
    By a Canadian TB of Northern Dancer Mr Prospector...I would never have...
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    We regularly cross warmblood mares on Irish...

    We regularly cross warmblood mares on Irish Draught stallions and have been very happy with the results. Amorex has had a very nice IDSH filly out of a ISH Diamond Lad daughter. The ID adds...
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