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  1. Very Interesting. They removed the third highest...

    Very Interesting. They removed the third highest qualifier from the money list becase he is showing at the Spruce Meadows Masters. He still should be listed in the rankings even if he isn't...
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    At the highest levels...

    There is really no "best" trainer among the elite trainers. It boils down to which trainer is better fit for a particular rider and/or rider/horse combination. Each trainer has a particular style...
  3. What's wrong with being a different race?

    Am I missing something here?
  4. I agree with you with the exception of Number 12.

    I have yet to see a non-white groom at any barn I have ridden at in Ireland or France.
  5. I went to a Jesuit High School...

    they had this silly notion that school was for learning, not for riding horses.
  6. Speaking of Junior riders, don't they have to go to school?

    My High School would never have allowed any time off to go to a horse show...3x late and you were suspended.
  7. You're right... is a strange comment...or maybe a telling one.
  8. How do you figure this?

    Are you claiming that State law doesn't apply because it is on private property? If you think that they were violating one of the multitude of laws in the State of California, you should have...
  9. Why should the USEF take responsibility?

    The USEF sanctions competitions based on competition oriented rules and standards.

    Are you suggesting that they should be responsible for local hotels and motels being available and affordable? ...
  10. Your celebrities sound like they are a lot more entertaining...

    than the revolving door rehab ones that are down in LA.
  11. No, it wasn't.

    It is merely a coincidence that you also live in Georgia.
  12. There's nothing wrong with living in Georgia.

    Claiming to be an expert of the goings on in California while living on the other side of the country is. How many local barns in your area jsut got back from Thermal? All of the large show barns...
  13. Drink More Kool-aid

    Giggle worthy? He told me that no one directly involved would tell him anything. So how is he an authoritative source?

    "You don't have an editor or editorial board." SO WHAT? Do mean like the...
  14. This really hits home for me...

    I really feel sorry for those affected as it has happened to my family as well.

    My uncle died and my aunt was within five minutes of dying in their own bed, in their own house from carbon monoxide...
  15. It has to do with how 3rd party cookies are handled.

    You must enable them for the transaction to work. I just had the same problem.

    In Internet Explorer:
    Tools/Internet Options/Privacy/Advanvced - then Override automatic cookie handling
  16. Here's the News Article...
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    You have a Paddock Cakes trailer?

    You have got to post a photo of that. Any new varieties?
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    You have a PM

    You have a PM
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    My horse would be all too happy to give a testimonial...

    ...he loves them. I'll definately be ordering a refill for my 15 lb (?) bucket fairly soon.
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    And please choose a date where it isn't:

    Raining, Snowing and Hailing all at the same time like it was last year.

    My 3 trips to the Palm Springs Area:

    110 F

    115 F

    30 F
  21. I'm not one of the people talking about the high costs...

    [QUOTE=MEP;2059189]Yes, they will watermark, or resize automatically. But:

    1. Even if it's automatic, when you are processing hundreds or thousands of images at a time, it will tie up your...
  22. If someone just wants a memento, they should take it...

    themselves. If they want it professionally done, it costs a fair amount of money. If I want a professional quality enlargement, I take it to a professional lab (fewer of them in the digital age,...
  23. There are really cheap programs that can do this..

    automatically. With just a couple of keystrokes. And they will do thousands of images at a time.
  24. Then why doesn't she take them herself...

    If they are really a friend, you would do it for free. If it is a "friend," you should charge the normal rate, which would include a session fee. I certainly wouldn't expect to have a photographer...
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    I believe that upper income is defined by being the top 5%

    of earners, which I read recently is around $200,000.
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