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  1. Ever Get Asked This Question on a Date?

  2. A Terminally Ill Former Rider Gets Her Last Wish Fulfilled

    A compassionate doctor ensures her patient gets to see what she has been missing. :) Story and video at the link.
  3. A Very Unique Horse Hair Remembrance Item

  4. Replies

    Find Out Why Valegro Terrifies Judges

    And you will also find out about how the young Valegro nearly ended up with several different owners.
  5. Sometimes You Go Out Trail Riding and Do This

    Just because you can. And in a snaffle too. :encouragement::encouragement:
  6. Never Get in the Way of a Pony That Wants Out of His Stall

    :lol: :lol: Another reason to have video cameras installed in a barn - you get to see things like this!
  7. Six Genius Ideas for Your Old Horse Trailer

  8. :lol::lol::lol:

  9. Charlotte Dujardin Gives Jockey a Dressage Lesson

    And the jockey says dressage is much harder than racing! :yes:
  10. Folks, remember that's 300 little evil Thelwell...

    Folks, remember that's 300 little evil Thelwell ponies running around! ;)
  11. NYPD Police Horses Get Brand New Stabling Facility

    Well deserved!
  12. Need a Smile? Maybe These 300 Ponies Are the Answer!

  13. I'll trade my copy for your first-born FEI level...

    I'll trade my copy for your first-born FEI level prospect. ;)
  14. You Might Want to Take a Minute to Look at Edward Gal's New Ride

    This pair brought the house down at this recent Oldenburg show. :yes: :encouragement: :encouragement:
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    Italian Cavalry Exhibition -1939

    Don't see riding courses like this anymore!
  16. Montreal Horse-Drawn Fire Department Winter Run - 1901

    Amazing footage.
  17. Bluey, he got his halter caught in the door...

    Bluey, he got his halter caught in the door handle. Did not bite the door.
  18. Leave a Horse Unattended and Loose in the Barn for a Few Seconds- BOOM - Chaos!!

    :eek: :eek:

    The horse in the cross ties is a saint considering what was going on. And the people there are obviously in shock because it appears they have no clue what to do. Note: nothing...
  19. PSA - First Snows and Ice - Careful - Don't Jacknife Trailer/Truck

    :eek: Fortunately horse, dog,and human were okay, but what a mess.
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    Scout Goes on Stage

    And he didn't poop. :D
  21. "I Don't Care How Big You Are, I'm the Boss Here!"

    I think they got the message. :D
  22. Sometimes You Need a Friend and Some Love

    Great new commercial from Amazon Prime! :D
  23. You a Good Dressage Rider? Well, How Are Your Juggling Skills?

    :D :encouragement:

    I've got some money for the first CotHer who posts a video doing this. Hah!
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    Moscow - 1908

    All the horse-drawn sleigh vehicles. People and horses - long gone. Each with a story to be told. Notice the mounted policeman - never moves!
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    Is It Too Early for Jingle Bells?

    Jingles all the way! :yes:
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