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    Ice boots/cold therapy recommendations

    When cold hosing isn't possible, what ice boots do you recommend? I'm looking for boots that:

    - can be used on both front and hind legs
    - are fairly tall to cover as much as possible of the...
  2. Flax for the easy keeper - add extras in Omega Horseshine?

    I just started feeding 1/4 cup per day of stabilized ground flax to one of our easy keepers, mostly for skin and coat quality.

    While looking at different flax products, I saw that Omega Horseshine...
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    Thanks! That's what I was afraid of - that it...

    Thanks! That's what I was afraid of - that it wasn't very palatable. I'm not sure if my horse would eat it.
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    Smart Omega 3 / seasonal diet changes

    As the seasons change, one of our horses tends to have loose manure and she starts eating dirt.

    She only gets 1 or 2 hours of grass per day in the summer (otherwise on drylot with hay), but I was...
  5. Durafan - what size is best for 10 x 24 run-in shed?

    I would like to purchase a Durafan but can't decide if 14" or 18" would be better in a 10 x 24 run-in shed. There will only be one fan for the whole shed. What has your experience been with air...
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    I was thinking of purchasing some barn fans and...

    I was thinking of purchasing some barn fans and had considered the FarmTek fan even though it's really expensive. Is it a quiet fan or do you think it would be too noisy for a small barn?

    I like...
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    Thanks for starting this thread - I was thinking...

    Thanks for starting this thread - I was thinking about trying TurtleNeck fly sheets. They look lightweight with a longer drop that would cover more of the belly.

    I was wondering about the sizing...
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    Chiropractic adjustment timeline

    One of our horses just had a chiropractic adjustment. The horse liked it a lot and we saw immediate improvement in movement.

    What has been your experience with timeline for improvement after...
  9. Help me purchase new leather halters! Quillin?

    My horses are in need of some new everyday leather halters. I'd like them to be good quality but they'll be for general use and turnout, not show.

    Because of their smaller heads, I was thinking...
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    Zyrtec for horse allergies?

    I recently spoke to my vet about trying Zyrtec for my horse's allergies this season. I was wondering if anyone else has had success with Zyrtec and what symptoms it helped?
  11. Measuring for halters and stirrup leathers

    I'm in need of some new halters and stirrup leathers. With all the choices out there, how are you supposed to measure for them?

    For halters, is it the length of each piece of leather on the...
  12. Tight neck/maybe pulled back in cross-ties?

    Does anyone have experience with neck strains/injuries/soreness with their horse? What was the diagnosis and how did you treat it?

    We have a horse who is not lame or neurological but seems to...
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    Thanks all - I agree that the website doesn't...

    Thanks all - I agree that the website doesn't seem to tell you much but the general idea is desensitization. I've never seen this trainer before but was intrigued because I have a pretty anxious...
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    Equine phobia reversal

    Has anyone ever heard of this type of equine phobia reversal before?

    I'm intrigued but a little confused about exactly what is done with the horse.
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    SmartGI Ultra pellets

    Anybody tried this supplement with their horse?

    We have a horse who was treated with GastroGard in the past. I was thinking of trying SmartGut or SmartGut Ultra when I happened to come across the...
  16. MVP Gastro-plex - similar to SmartGut?

    Has anyone tried this supplement? It seems similar to SmartGut or SmartGut Ultra.

    Product label:...
  17. Ulcers in starvation cases/rescue horses

    We hear a lot about ulcers in racehorses and performance horses. Does anyone have experience with ulcers in starvation cases or rescue horses? Since they have had a lack of food in their stomachs...
  18. Spray-on re-waterproofing for horse blankets

    I'm looking for a spray-on re-waterproofer for horse blankets. It does need to be a spray-on.

    So far my choices seem to be Scotchgard, Nikwax, or Tectron. I've used the Tectron before, and it...
  19. We decided to try Smartpak's SmartBreathe since...

    We decided to try Smartpak's SmartBreathe since it's a pelleted supplement - but we're open to trying others if needed! For anyone who has used SmartBreathe successfully, when did you start seeing...
  20. Thank you! I was considering Freeway or Smart...

    Thank you! I was considering Freeway or Smart Breathe - maybe we'll give one a try!
  21. Allergy/respiratory supplement for horse allergies - not a cough

    We have a horse who seems to develop allergies this time of year. There's no coughing or wheezing, but there's a lot of snorting and...well...snot! :lol:

    I did a search and found a lot of...
  22. Managing senior horses at boarding barns

    I'm curious to hear how barn managers manage additional needs for senior horses - or if you're the owner, what works for you and your horse.

    Sometimes an older horse may need soaked feed, softer...
  23. Plus size breeches with very short inseam

    Any recommendations for plus size breeches with exceptionally short inseams? Knee patch would be fine, they don't have to be full seats. Can also be regular schooling breeches, don't have to be...
  24. Triple Crown Senior storage in the summer

    I've started feeding Triple Crown Senior, and my horses really like it. However, I'm worried about storing it in the hot, humid summer. It's a very moist feed which makes it great for the seniors,...
  25. Horse lifts a front hoof after running around - not lame, looks like pawing

    This is probably a stupid question, but has anyone seen a horse do this before? We have a horse who will run around freely in the pasture, and when she stops, she'll lift one front hoof and sort of...
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