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  1. I sent Leslie the thread and her email came back...

    I sent Leslie the thread and her email came back to me as follows....

    Hi Karin,
    Interesting that this has come back up because I have an update!

    With the help of a friend who is a very good...
  2. Thanks for all of this info - it's helpful!

    I will send this on to Uncle Roy, many thanks Vineyridge - you rock.
  3. Snowman's lineage : Phalanx, by Pilate out of Jacola/French Thoroughbred/Belfonds ??

    DEAR Friends, Help be a bloodline detective….this letter is from a Harry and Snowman fan, Leslie Green whose Uncle Roy believes he owned or knew Snowman and Snowman's mother, back in the day….Please...
  4. Up date on Snowman Story

    Hello everyone....finally the story about Harry and Snowman is being made. Check out the website and there is a short trailer to watch too. We are looking for footage, impressions, photos and...
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    When you start a thread...

    and when you turn to the world wide web for help, it is comforting to know that there are folks out there - many miles away that are willing to help, to become involved and get the job done. Since...
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    yes, we proceed with caution. If there are any contacts in the ND area the owner of the horse will contact them with specifics. To become involved myself I was reaching out to the www and social...
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    We need help !!! North Dakota

    A horse has been taken from a friend under wrong circumstance and we need immediate help getting her back to her owner in Michigan. Please contact me asap. Thank you Karin Offield

    We need someone...
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    A Great Man !

    From all of us in Northern Michigan, you, John and family are in our prayers. Much love, Karin Offield
  9. update

    If you go to Oliver's story, thats where the updates are reported. The DNA factoid is merely an interesting subject I found in a book and thought readers may find it interesting.
  10. Deep Truth

    Following the story of Oliver - can he be saved ? is interesting to me. One comment by a COTH member about DNA led me to this factoid I just discovered ....

    My good friend and expert equine...
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    Karin Offield, Lingh's owner here

    Hi ! Lingh began his breeding career in 2005, just before my purchase. We have many young 5 and 6 year olds throughout Europe now, beginning to make a name for themselves. I have a website for...
  12. I forgot the link....

    Here we go :

  13. 2 Trainers in Western Michigan take on the Challenge - Can Oliver be saved ?

    I think that many of the Coth readers will find this story interesting to follow. I hope that the story of Oliver can enlighten and educate, amuse and compel us to always look for a way to help the...
  14. Thread: Clinic ideas??

    by karin o

    Tool Box Symposium

    You might want to look into hosting a Tool Box Symposium. Check out the info regarding a clinic on Thanks, Karin
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    The biggest grips here are the weight of the fabrics....if too hot lighter. The materials available are so different now !

    The coats are sold now in various styles, and we have done a lot...
  16. Are there any interesting Thoroughbred Stallions available for Dressage in the USA ?

    Are there any interesting Thoroughbred Stallions available for Dressage breeding in the USA ? Can anyone enlighten me on this subject ?
  17. Update after several weeks, after

    Ok, so I have some news.... my Freisian needs antioxidants. Although his E and selenium were normal, his muscle enzyme is high. So he is on MSM, an inexpensive fix. His protein is low so she...
  18. Slowwww update

    So I spent last week longlining and driving, lunging and working on the voice commands and low and behold he offered the canter willingly in both directions. He has been too out of shape to canter...
  19. My original thread/ summary

    I keep reading and rereading the posts i wrote and thought it would be interesting to combine the 2 threads. Here is the link.....

    He is by Fetse 349 ( by Feitse 293 and Ordina B. ) and Diny Van L. ( by Melle and Wopke ). ````

  21. interesting reading, none of the symptoms

    todays ride was better, its friday so each day of the week it gets better, I like to give him off the sunday , monday, but perhaps i won't this week. Today I did my walk work and avoided the scary...
  22. He is a very high necked horse.....insight into

    when ever I begin to work him he has some major head flipping, never any consistent reasoning but lots of errant movement. Is this a Friesian evasion....has anyone else experienced this as a training...
  23. He acts like a spoiled pony

    but he learns easily, is sensitive, but very cranky, especially to the right. I feel he may have been the left wheel in driving. He is a looker, but that is not too bothersome, I guess I am always...
  24. Friesians in Training Driving to Riding

    THANKS FOR THE belly about some info on the training issues with Friesians...I had a COTH thread earlier about my Friesian Puzzle....and now that many months have passed I am still having...
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    when I saw the thread title...

    I thought it was about Lingh too....ha :lol:ha the minds a funny thing...Karin Offield
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