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    cnc routed sign

    People could also add a square or oval to the front of the trunk with logo, initials, farm name, etc.
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    By the USEF rules...

    a. Any stimulant, depressant, tranquilizer, local anesthetic, psychotropic (mood
    and/or behavior altering) substance, or drug which might affect the performance
    of a horse and/or pony (stimulants...
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    Judging criteria for Hunters

    1. Your name
    2. Your Trainers name or the barn you ride out of
    3. Who's at the in gate yelling directions to you
    4. How much you spent on your horse, tack, clothes
    5. Are you wearing different...
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    How about...

    The newest Lone Ranger movie.. At least I Redbox'ed it and just stopped watching and returned it. Just wasted $1.50 and 15 minutes.
  5. The mare I have now...

    But when she was a 4yo and before her mind was so screwed up.

    Sired by Consul out of a mare by Roemer.
  6. Also to be considered...

    With that mess in England right now with the possibility of money being stolen from sponsors. Do you think people who are capable of ponying up that kind of money, they are having second thoughts.
  7. You might also look for...

    Barrel racing timers. Calling them that might make them a little cheaper or find used ones for sale.
  8. Beowolf

    The difference is you said BNT, that makes it a learning experience, Not a barn slave... Huge difference...
  9. I swear some people looking for farm help are smoking CRACK

    One ad that just came up today is taking care of a 35 stall barn with currently 17 horses, in exchange for board for 1 horse, a one room apt, and $400 a MONTH.... Good luck with that one...

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    You can also

    Get one of the plugin type electronic deterrents, and use one of the bulb converters to make an outlet, the bad part is you would have to leave the lights on to get power. or if you have the pull...
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    If your trailer is a goose neck...

    Several of the older trailers, don't know how your year falls. But they can not be pulled by newer trucks. The bed is too deep on the newer trucks and will interfere with the bed sides.
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    The missed one

    was Field of Dreams

    Annie Kinsella

    How about "Unlike other people I can speak with an English accent"
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    The Breakfast Club How about "Because it's...

    The Breakfast Club

    How about "Because it's dull you twit, it'll hurt more"
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    Don't know about wood fired

    But when I was younger we had one or 2 that burned kerosene in a space inside the tank. kind of dripped kero in from a top tank and had a small fire inside..
  15. Eagle Point Farm in VA has a chain system that...

    Eagle Point Farm in VA has a chain system that uses basically one side of a manure spreader chain the entire length of the barn 22 stalls long plus a dividing isle and it works great. They recently...
  16. De Blasio email address
  17. What is needed to fix the US health system today...

    A time machine....

    If it had been mandated that insurance companies and hospitals had been "NOT FOR PROFIT" about 100 years ago. We wouldn't be in the mess we are in now....

    This is not saying...
  18. They also remembered...

    Tendons in...:lol:
  19. It's not me selling it, but it's on Ebay right now...
  20. The donkey here would argue

    As to who the horse is and who the companion is...
  21. You forgot, they also do NOTHING directly for...

    You forgot, they also do NOTHING directly for animals, and only try to get legislation passed to ban all pets...
  22. I grew up showing 4H and App circuit in Indiana

    And the level of cooperation and helping each other out was fabulous. I live in VA now and 4H here isn't even on the same planet. Leaders don't know enough, You don't really qualify for the state...
  23. Most people don't realize...

    The smaller the trailer the more rapid the response to change is. In other words, when you want the trailer to go right it takes less to make it go that direction than with a bigger trailer.

  24. If you read the information...

    They support the HSUS...

    Sorry just lost my vote as good.
  25. You might be better off...

    Getting one of the stands that looks like a fancy glass coffee table and has a single pole up from it that holds the TV at the height you like. That would give you a place to hide cables, and not...
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