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    TB racing memorabilia at auction - PSA

    Everything But The House has a great auction ending in 6 days. There is a lot of TB racing memorabilia, art, books etc. for sale. It appears that there are some very interesting items for sale for...
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    Here is a link to the Trainers directory in the...

    Here is a link to the Trainers directory in the Delaware H/J show series. It's a place to start.

    Good Luck, you will have some choices and...
  3. I sold a H/J saddle through her and had a great...

    I sold a H/J saddle through her and had a great experience. I'm now in the process of buying another saddle. They have a new template that you can bake in the oven. While still warm you place it...
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    Try the Schneider's blanket liners. I will say...

    Try the Schneider's blanket liners. I will say that they run larger than their other turnouts, so if your blanket is an 80, get a 78 in the liner. They are easy to wash. No hardware banging around...
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    Barbie Dolls for grown women!

    My hubby has stated, after seeing all the various blankets, saddle pads, etc. that I own, that "Horses are clearly Barbie dolls for grown women". He may have a point there....
  6. Hi Sparky, I've been by Fox Lea and it looks...

    Hi Sparky,
    I've been by Fox Lea and it looks like a nice show facility. I'll double-check their boarding situation. For some reason I thought it was self-care, but that was over a year ago so...
  7. Thanks - I will check them out

    Thanks for the recommendation. I will add it to my list of barns to check out this summer!
  8. Boarding options around Sarasota or Bradenton, FL

    So, hubby and I plan on moving down to that area in the next year or so. I would be looking for a barn that ideally has a dressage trainer (lower levels ok) resident, or allows one in to teach...
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    It does work! A success story to share

    Keeping this a bit vague on purpose, but I just have to share this story.

    In January I started leasing a 23 year old TB who had had quite the storied past (track, international eventing,...
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    Your commute will be at least a half hour

    Sorry to say, but if you are living and working in the Short North, then anywhere you chose to ride is going to be be at least a half hour, if not longer, commute. If your job has flexibility then...
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    Theya re are "Barbie Dolls"

    And my DH says horses are just Barbie dolls for grown women since we spend so much time and energy on their "outfits" and such!
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    Dandy Products makes mats

    Try these folks.

    Sturdy foam mats covered in vinyl, grommets on all 4 sides so you can attach. Give them a call.
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    Red may be a hot ride for horsie

    I'd carefully consider why you want red. The reason so many trailers are white or silver is because they will stay much cooler inside for your horse. So, alot depends upon where you will be...
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    I lucked into a VERY good deal

    Well, when it's the end of model year, and you get about $8500 in various rebates, but last model on the lot is a 1-ton, you just say "Thank You" to your guardian angel and buy the new 1-ton instead...
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    Weight Distribution Hitch Info Needed

    So, I've bought my truck. It's a Chevy Silverado 3500 HD. I intend on purchasing a Hawk 2-horse bumper pull trailer with dressing room. I will usually only be hauling one horse locally or within...
  16. Liked mine, but may be best for wide backed horse

    Liked mine, but had to stop using it when the horse I bought had the typical shark-fin withers and I no longer had enough clearance. They tend to run a bit wider in the gullet, so just confirm fit...
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