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  1. Snakes

    I admire snakes from a distance and yours are absolutely gorgeous.
  2. Pain and yowling cat

    We had a cat that had a similar experience. Was fine in the morning, my daughter came home from school and he was yowling in pain and couldn't walk. It ended up that he had cardiomyopathy which is...
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    I really enjoyed your video. I'll never make it...

    I really enjoyed your video. I'll never make it to that level, probably never make it to any level, but watching the video was like riding the course (without the scary bits). What a beautiful...
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    Salmon for dogs

    My Irish Red and White Setter is on a salmon and brown rice dry dog food diet. He has a great coat and the cats love his food. The only drawback is that his breath smells like fish.
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    We had a dog who got stomped on his head by a horses, fortunately middle of winter and deep snow, who ended up with a deep gash about an inch in length. Took him to the vet who xrayed him, found out...
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    Irish red and white setter. Used to have: ...

    Irish red and white setter.

    Used to have: shelties, cocker spaniels, springer spaniels, golden retriever, Samoyed
  7. Creekside carriages

    As dillingraf mentioned Creekside is an Amish business but when we contacted him he mailed us a relatively simple print catalog. We went up to see him with photos of the modifications that we wanted...
  8. Creekside carriages

    I second the idea of purchasing your meadowbrook through Creekside carriages. We bought ours from them in 2008 and it has been just wonderful. He custom built it to our specifications for a 17'2...
  9. Irish Red and White Setter

    I'm going to suggest an Irish Red and White Setter. Large but not huge, not as (hyper)active as the traditional red setter, less coat than a red setter. We got ours from a breeder when he was 6...
  10. Cat colours

    My personal belief is that orange tabbies are the friendliest sweetest cats on the face of the earth.
    Tortoiseshells - many years ago when I was breeding Maine Coon cats I had a breeder as me if...
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    I want a shetland sweater for my donkey - they...

    I want a shetland sweater for my donkey - they are just too cute for words.
  12. HUGS

    Its awful when we lose a special horse, but it sounds like you had a wonderful time together. Treasure those times. Hugs from Canada.
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    Raining donkeys!

    Im searching all over the place for Mammoth donkeys - do you think you could get it to rain Mammoth Donkeys up here in eastern Ontario? They're very hard to find.
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    We also added a full step across the back of the cart. I'm not as good as describing it as the previous poster but it does give you a lot more access to the cart as well as providing a rumble seat...
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    meadowbrook cart

    I had a Meadowbrook cart custom made for a 17 hand percheron mare for $2000 canadian. Given the extra amount of wood, bigger wheels, special access step, height adjustment that it took to make one...
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    We have an Irish Red and White setter who just...

    We have an Irish Red and White setter who just turned a year old and although he hasn't yet met chickens he sets and then chases wild geese, ducks, kildeer, swallows, and even butterflies. He has...
  17. Thoughts are with you.

    My husband is also a long haul truck driver. The hours that they drive, the weather conditions, the other drivers on the road make me worry all the time but this time of year is the worst. My...
  18. Agrifab smart cart

    We have the Agrifab smart cart. It works great behind the 4 wheeler and holds lots of pooh. Also moves bags of shavings, hay, etc. around. We can move it around (empty) by hand as well. Great...
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    Didn't do it.

    Well I didn't go and get the mare. Thought it through and decided that although free and pretty was really appealing I was a bit concerned about long term health issues. I have two BIG horses and...
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    So I need an enabler

    We moved to our farm in July of this year and brought our two horses home at the end of that month. We're finding that if I take one or the other out that the one left alone has a melt down (melt...
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    I don't like the first one - I just removed them...

    I don't like the first one - I just removed them all from our barn. It seemed like I needed 6 hands and more than a dozen fingers to get them unhooked. Maybe it's just me but they sure didn't work...
  22. We took our two through Cat scales at a truck...

    We took our two through Cat scales at a truck stop. The Percheron at 3 weighed 1840 lbs and the Percheron/Fjord gelding weighed in at 1530. Weight tape doesn't even go around the Percheron mare and...
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    Fjord/Percheron cross

    I ride a Fjord/Percheron cross. 15'3 weighs about 1500 pounds and claim that he's the 'perfect middle aged chubby ladies horse'. He's kind, willing, pretty (looks like a big Fjord) and will try...
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    1) How old are you? 54 2) How are you...

    1) How old are you?
    2) How are you connected to the horse(s) you ride? Circle all that apply
    a)own and keep my horses at home

    3) How many horses do you own/ride?

    4) What gender and...
  25. Cell phone

    Carrying a cell phone is a wonderful idea UNLESS like me you live in a 'dead zone'. We have no cell phone coverage where I live and ride. I often ride alone but do wear helmet and protective vest...
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