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Jan. 25, 2007, 04:03 PM
This beautiful bridle has been used literally only a handful of times- it is in excellent condition and buttery soft. I am selling it because it was meant to be my fancy new show bridle for my jumper, but it turns out that the brass buckles don't look very good on my nearly-white horse- nickel is more his speed. Because I had cleaned and oiled it, and I ordered it from overseas, I couldn't return it.

Stupid and probably frivolous of me, and yet I can't see myself using it, so I am selling it. This retails for anywhere from $360-$450 from UK stockists (as far as I could determine when I was looking to buy it, this bridle is not available from US sellers). I will sell it for $290, including domestic shipping and the annoying new paypal fee a seller has to pay.

It is a horse size JW-6 model of the John Whitaker line, in a very dark brown color (havana). The bridle is designed to relieve pressure on the horse's head over the poll- not only is the headstall padded, but the part of the caveson that goes over the top of the head is looped through the outside of the headstall. The figure-8 noseband has both a sheepskin pad and a padded leather one that are interchangeable. The figure-8 itself is nicely padded on the parts where it goes over the nose. The reins are very soft rubber loop end reins. One interesting feature is that the throatlatch has buckles on either side, so you can adjust it as you wish to fit.

Overall, this is a really gorgeous bridle, the reins are incredibly comfortable while being nice and grippy, and my horse loved the padding- but his silverness just doesn't look all that great in brass. :cry: For a more complete description from the JW website, go here: http://www.johnwhitakerintltd.com/index.asp?sessionx=IWU6IWIoNwEjNwbjNwB6IHqiNwA#

Here are pictures of the bridle taken by me: (the bit, a Baucher Waterford, is also for sale- see description below!)

The bridle:

Bridle with bit:

Close-up of the headstall from the back, so you can see all the soft, lovely padding:

Close-up of the figure-8 straps, which are also padded:

And a look at the bendiness of the rubber reins, which have leather at both ends:

And here is the bit I have for sale, along with more pics!
Baucher Waterford, 5". This is in very good shape, used only a couple of times. If you normally use a 4 3/4", then this bit should work for you- the Waterford mouth needs a bit more length. I found this out after I bought it and realized it is a little too short. Excellent for leaners who need a bit with more brakes- my horse really likes this type of bit. It is a sort of sweet iron compound, so it encourages mouthing and salivation.

Contrary to both sides of the Baucher argument, this bit doesn't give you much poll pressure- but it does give you some! It has a much different feel than a Waterford dee, for example- the dee says nothing to my horse, whereas the Baucher gives me brakes. I think it is a nice compromise for a horse with a medium mouth who can get quick- my horse is a jumper, but it appears to be popular with eventers and field hunters. I bought it for $95 bucks, I'll sell it for $85, including shipping and paypal fee.


Please email me at sproutsie@hotmail.com for more info or to buy! I will combine the two items for a bit of a discount if you want them both. Thanks!!

Jan. 25, 2007, 10:53 PM
whoops! The links for the bit photos are:



Feb. 1, 2007, 03:15 PM
The bridle has been taken, pending payment.

The Baucher waterford bit is still available- offers? :cool: