View Full Version : I wish I hadn't turned my dogs into barn dogs.

Mar. 31, 2013, 06:09 AM
Well, that about says it.

When the kids were growing up we always had dogs. Wonderful hang out with you type family dogs.

Fast forward to the two I have now. The one in particular is a very large german shepherd mix. When we adopted him the SPCA estimated him to be about 5 years, and he was rather unsocialized in a lot of ways. Daughter wanted to turn him into a barn dog. It was a lot of work, but he has become a wonderful barn dog. When we go several times a day (generally before and after work) he completes his patrol and then hangs out at the barn. He is good with the kids coming in for riding lessons and with the folks that occasionally bring their own dogs to the barn. Even the vet commented what a good job I had done with him.

The problem is on the mornings or afternoons I don't take him. He pouts and huffs and refuses to go to the bathroom unless I walk him forever. The worst is the pounds and pounds of barn dirt he brings into the house.

I created a monster [sigh] [whine over] :)

Mar. 31, 2013, 06:34 AM
Dogs that go to the barn are the best and you know he is worth it. :)

Mar. 31, 2013, 09:24 AM
Our terrier is like that... except the energy level when she DOESN'T get to go romp and be disgusting turns from fun to destructive. I don't think that the dog park really works her brain the same way that the barn does, which is key. I used to be able to bring her all the time, but now she's not allowed at the new place and I'm seeing a huge difference in her behavior.

And I agree about the dirt, but our backyard is a 20' x 40' patch of red clay... so yea... it's a losing battle here.

Mar. 31, 2013, 09:33 AM
My Golden is sort of like that. She readily accepts staying home but on the rare mornings that I don't have to go feed and turnout (daughter has time before work to do it) Penny will come to me...I'm usually very contentedly knitting and sipping tea...and give me the most intense LOOK!!! "Mom, put that down! WE ARE LATE FOR THE BARN!!!" and then she does her 'Timmy down the well' routine to get me to follow her to the door. On nice days, DH will take her for a walk instead. Yes...we cater to the dog. :o

And yes, she tracks in a lot of barn dirt and smells ;-). I cover the way-back in the car with an old mattress pad. Easy to wash and dry.

I love having my girl with me. She just lays outside the barn watching the world or laying next to the mounting block while we ride. She barks ferociously whenever somebody goes by on the road so I never fear someone could sneak up on me.

I think she has the best of both worlds.

Mar. 31, 2013, 09:35 AM
My lab (used to be my daughter's) was an angel when he worked the night shift with her at the equine vet hospital. Now that she's not working there anymore, he's turned into a counter surfing PITA. We're working on clicker training...it seems to be helping.

Mar. 31, 2013, 09:40 AM
My border collie used to get to go, we'd stop and throw frisbee on the way there, etc etc.... Now I'm at a new barn that doesn't allow outside dogs, DH doesn't take them very often to the old barn when he goes, and their "auntie" who used to take them to the park doesn't cone as much anymore now that her dog has died. The border collie has give from mildly neurotic to excessively so. As in, bite risk, doesn't listen, get spun up and vapor locks his brain more often, and is way more vocal than he used to be.

But he is terrified of horses, cows, etc.

The other dog is very meh about it. Likes to go, likes to stay.